Product Hunt VS Regular Launch

Sharon Cohen
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Hey guys! I'm new here and still trying to figure out what's the benefit of launching on Product Hunt and not just approach micro influencers with free product and ask for a review. What are your thoughts? What's the benefit of PH?


Sharon Cohen
@zerotousers haha that's a good point! Although I'm low on stock in the beginning 🤓 what are your thoughts?
Simple you will gain a lot of users and traffic from PH!
Samantha Merlivat
They both give you traffic and potentially meet different purposes. @mariam_hakobyan5 posted a few days ago about what they got in terms of traffic and downloads from reaching #1 product of the day on PH here: Maybe this gives you a bit more of an idea whether that could be helpful for you.
Sharon Cohen
@samanthamerlivat @sharon @mariam_hakobyan5 Hi Mariam! well actually I'm about to launch soon, my first time on ProductHunt, any tips?
It's not a matter of exclusivity. Do it everywhere. Ask for review and opinion then respond and maintain engagement regardless of platform.
Emily Hodgins
Hi Sharon - welcome! Excited to have you join the community.👋🏻 We built Product Hunt to help Makers reach an audience for their product launches - whilst also helping early adopters and product lovers discover cool new things. Meaning you could find an audience ready and waiting to check our your product hunting it here. If you need help with your launch - feel free to reach out! The team is just behind the support bubble (this guide might also helpful). As folks are saying in the comments - why not try both?
Hey Sharon, could you explain to me what a regular launch is?
Sharon Cohen
@timz_flowers Well it's funny because obviously there's no one answer to that. But I'd say the more "popular" ones, either just start with FB ads or market with IG influencers for example. There are probably more popular ways to launch, but until yesterday I haven't heard of Product Hunt so that's why I made the comparison 😊
Ahmed Elsamadisi
We did ProductHhunt and TechCrunch today and honestly, we got most of our trailers from here. Still trying to make it to Top 10!
Traffic is the main motive. I would pick and choose too, if the core users are not on one platform but might result in only traffic and no engagement then I would omit that platform. All traffic and no use will leave you more confused.