What's the last acquisition method that worked for you (but you didn't expect it would)?

Darko Williams
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Let me start first: - Posting on a niche community forum (without an explicit mention of my product). People just clicked on my profile, checked my bio/product and signed up. So I've basically used curiosity, under-estimating the effort people would take to get curious and check out my profile. What about you?


Bill Flitter
Resurrecting a non-response list using the following format. -- Subject line: Hey [First Name], [emoji] Body copy: [ ~9-word open-ended question] -- Simple and effective - 50% open rate and over 400 replies. - Bill https://FixMyGrowth.com
Aaron O'Leary
SMS services such as Community.com, the ease of signing up for users and the OR and CTR rates are incredible. Specifically good for a short form newsletter of sorts.
Vita Benes
Posting on HN. In January, 1 link got 1600+ upvotes, generating 55k visits, this month, another link got 800+ upvotes and lead to 35k visits. It's like a lottery, but when it works, it works massively.
Eliana Cameira
Posting educational content ('How-to') on Youtube.