What's the last acquisition channel that worked for you?

Darko Williams
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Xavier Coiffard
My 2 best acquisition channel are:  - Twitter - IndieHacker I still need to go deeper with Reddit, FB groups, and SEO
Darko Williams
I'll start first: Niche communities.
Alejandro Cantarero
@zerotousers These can be the best. We had a marketer at one of my jobs who was amazingly good at building niche communities on Facebook. With a couple weeks of paid posts with good content that was just sourced from Facebook (not even created by us), we'd end up with a large community of users.
Vytenis Pakėnas
LinkedIn outreach. Automated ;) With B2B target
Janice Wilson
@vytenis What's your automated strategy, if I may ask?
It depends on your product, but generally, I think that these two work all the time: - Communities. Find where your users hang out, go there and help them out but also share your solution. - SEO, pays off and it is much easier than you think. It requires that you put the time to learn about it. It is so much valuable for all your future products too.
Fabian Maume
Linkedin outreach with Phantombuster Comparison website like alternative.me Quora (I might be biased about this one)
Alejandro Cantarero
Google search ads. May not work for everyone, but at least for us there are some pretty targetted search queries that indicate people have a problem our product can help with. Bonus: I'm not very good with photoshop, illustrator or any similar tools, so I don't have to make any images!