Suggestion on list of tools for SaaS marketing

Sreekanth PM
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Hello Guys, I would like to get an idea about the tools you guys use for your marketing and sales activities of your SAAS. I know there are many out there, but looking for honest reviews on tools that you use which in your opinion is best to go with. The requirement is pretty general like Contact Management lead Capture., Funnels, pipeline. Lead Scoring CRM etc I checked Zoho and is pretty good in terms of features. Would like to know about the opinion too.


Forster Perelsztejn
Hey there, here's what I can offer based on my experience. Landing pages: Instapage is my favorite. It's a bit expensive but extremely flexible, and requires no coding skills whatsoever. Their support team is fast to respond and very helpful. They have a bunch of integrations so it'll always work with whatever tools you're already using. Marketing Automation: Autopilot is great; you can build complex workflows as well as track your customers/subscribers' activity on your website and identify exactly how they behave on a given page. Conversions: is an amazing tool to capture leads. I used it mostly on the blog to get subscribers. You can design gorgeous forms in no time, with no coding skills and integrate them wherever you want, with a bunch of options. Lead scoring: It's not 100% a lead-scoring tool but Leadfeeder is a platform that tells you which companies have visited your website AND gives you a score. Content marketing: Buzzsumo is a great content marketing tool. It can help you -among other things- identify the top content in your niche and the most successful content on a competitor's website. It'll give you insights as to what content to produce and where to promote it. There are a lot more but these are some of my favorites :)
Jeremy Mendoza
I'm developing a SaaS solution myself and use Zoho as well. I too am interested in what others are using.
Sreekanth PM
@jeremymendozaq yes zoho is super cheap. but for a kind of inbound marketing oriented sales, crisp can be far better with the flat price.
Jared Cornell
Honestly, this year has been quite challenging for every business out there. As a company, that deals with SaaS products, marketing has always been a challenge. In addition to using CRM for our sales operations, we use another important tool- ProProfs Help Desk( We are able to track all customer communications and ensure not a single email lead can go unnoticed. Do give it a try.