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I didn't realize you were adding more tools to the package. Raaadical. As a blogger, the most important thing to me is retention. How can I increase the chances that a new visitor will return to my site or read my writing again in the future? Collecting email addresses is the "gold standard" but what other (crazy?) ideas do you have for building a long-term audience, @noahkagan?
Hey y'all. Chief Sumo over at We're the people that made SumoMe. The whole intention is that we have built literally 10-30 internal tools that helped us grow to 7 figures and 750k+ sumo-lings. We released SumoMe which you can install in 47 seconds or easily get our WP plugin: Then once ever 2-3 weeks we are launching new apps on SumoMe to help you grow your business. List Builder: Grow your email list Highlighter: Increase content sharing A few of the future ones: 1- Source tracking 2- Giveaways 3- Any requests? :)
I've seen so many bloggers hack together similar solutions like this but usually less polished, feature-rich, and takes a ton of time. I noticed @andrewchen started using this on his blog.
@kaz List Builder is a non-annoying popup for sites that helps you get more emails. Most people are seeing 50-100% daily growth on their lists.
@noahkagan Or make it transparent instead of blue ;)