What's the best way to deal with unhappy customers?

Laura Vasquez
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Michael Andreuzza
Listen to them and act according to that, and if you can go out of your way to make them happy, do it.
Felipe Otálora
If you can go and meet them face to face then do it. Nothing is more important than being able to listen to the customer's concerns when looking at them directly. If they have a particular pain you can solve easily then I also think its worth it to do so.
Benjamin Vaughan
@felipe_otalora I agree. Face to face dialogue is the best way to understand their frustrations. Emails don't always convey the right emotions.
Be nice and write down their feedback. Unhappy customers who take the time to contact you are extremely valuable.
Samir Patel
Proven Psychological way to deal with Unhappy customer is Ithe first reaction is usually the first thing that goes wrong. When someone attacks, we intuitively shoot into stress and defense mode – fight or flight. But that’s exactly the wrong mindset if your aim isn’t to throw a punch but to calm the customer down. Defense is the standard response to anger – and it mostly consists out of arguing why the customer’s anger is unfounded. But it’s pointless to argue with someone whose amygdala is on fire. In this condition they are physically incapable to listen to reason.
Every unhappy customers is an opportunity for improving your product and services. It doesn't mean you need to provide bad experience to all your users. But there are few measures every time you should do like : 1. Identify key reason for issue 2. Act quickly and ensure to help customer in all aspects 3. Listen carefully or analyse situation very closely 4. Accept your short comings and ensure wont happen again with clear and transparent process or activities.
Jared Cornell
An unhappy or dissatisfied customer base is the last thing a business would ever want. Here are the top 3 ways you can bring a smile back on your customer’s faces with customer support software(https://www.proprofsdesk.com/cus...). 1. Apologize: A genuine and sincere apology goes a long way in keeping customers loyal to your brand. Rather than running away from your mistakes, accept them. 2. Collect Feedback: Sometimes customers are not really open about what they dislike about your brand. Share CSAT or NPS surveys with them to better understand their pain points. 3. Do Not Repeat: Avoid repeating your past mistakes and easily track all customer complaints or issues from a single dashboard.