What platforms or methods do you use to reach out to your users?

Laura Vasquez
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I'm simply using Email, direct-messages or public @replies. What do you prefer?
Laura Vasquez
@replies @andrefuchs We like using communication platforms like Intercom, but email seems to work well too
Ruben Lozano
Hi @laura_vasquez95 Do you mean users (they already signed up to your platform) or leads (potentially they will be users of your platform)?
Laura Vasquez
@rubenlozanome I meant users that have already signed up to use our platform, but what do you use for leads? I'm curious :)
We currently use HubSpot for all of our marketing automation, Appcues for improving activation and Intercom for targeted Intercom messages + support. :) Anyone else using a similar stack?
Elen Udovichenko
Oh, there are so many ways to connect with your audience! Basically, any channel you can use to engage your audience will work. Here's just to mention a few we've been using: email, voice calls and voice mails, social touches (LinkedIn specifically), direct mail, SMS, online communities (like this one!) And the best thing is that your sales communication via at least half of the channels I've listed can be streamlined using tools like https://reply.io/ ;)