What tools do you use to advertise your products?

Laura Vasquez
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For my social enterprise our biggest driver of inbound sales is content marketing via Instagram and LinkedIn. Clients see the content we put out then get in touch to book training. Those platforms have in built tools for creating posts.
Albert S.
@abadesi That's a great idea! We have 2 free tools that we promote to get users to get familiar with our software.
For us, inbound & content marketing go hand in hand. Our biggest drivers are organic traffic, so ranking well for industry terms as well as writing thorough blogs that entice people to download other useful resources. Referrals are actually quite powerful in SaaS - so the more you get other people who like your product to talk about it on social media or their own blogs, the better! 🚀
Laura Vasquez
@socialveronika That's true, referrals can allow other people to see that your product is trustworthy