Best arcade games launched in 2019?

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Hello makers. I am looking for the latest arcade games in 2019. Please let me know That has been launched in 2019. I awaiting your good response in the comment box. Thanks


3 new arcade games that have launched in 2019 1. Arcade Games 2. Latest Jump 3. Amusement Arcade 3D
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Oh, what a strange thing arcades are. I used to find them completely unattractive but now I'm just crazy about them. They're so addictive that you literally don't notice how time flies by. I think for any game, that's the most important indicator. Actually after a while of playing it on my PC I just bought myself Pandora Box Arcad and now it's become my mini hobby. I don't know how long it will last or if I'll get bored of it but so far I'm enjoying it.
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