Remote Teams: How do you manage employees team pictures?

Gabriel Bujold
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Hey yall, I'm working for a fully remote team and I'm working on a team page. However, not everyone has a professional picture, and I'm wondering how it can be possible to get everyone to have one(while keeping them with a similar style). We have employees in US, Canada, Macedonia, Pakistan, India and my first idea would be to allow a specific budget for each team members with some guidelines (e.g. flannel shirt, black background, etc.) Let me know what you think about this or if you encountered the same problem in the past.


Nick Duncan
We landed up hiring a designer on Fiverr to make avatars of us all. You can see them on
Harri Arain
The best thing you can do is get pictures of your employees in their natural or candid state it helps give a human side to your website and you can use this to show how good your employees feel while working. The human side can do wonders in my opinion ..
Sean Kane
It isn't easy to keep strong relationships with distributed teams. Having photos of each person is a step to creating better rapport. Using video in calls to see facial reactions is a much greater step in its direction. Attempt to recreate a colocated environment to some degree. You would never wear a cartoon mask or paper bag over your head to the office (well, maybe in COVID times you would ;)), so don't do it with your team just because you're working outside an office.