Productivity platform for bloggers and content teams?

Muntasir Rashid
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I find it pretty hard to organise my blogging tasks, specially when it requires to collaborate with freelancers and team members. I currently use trello and a general kanban board can only go this far. I wish there was a project management platform built specifically for bloggers/content teams. A few built in workflow automation like Google doc integration, Content brief builder, Topic discovery, Editorial calendar, Post syndicator... Do you have the same problem? If yes, how are solving your problem?


Charles Author
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Hannah S Kim
I don't know about blogger/content team specific platforms, but I do know that a lot of people really love to use Notion! It's customizable according to your needs and pretty intuitive. My team mates use it and they love it :)
Muntasir Rashid
@hannahsuyun Notion is great. If I do not find a platform specific for content teams, I will switch to Notion :) The only limitation with Notion for me is, lack of workflow automation.
Harri Arain
My writers do not usually use any platform for productivity enhancement i like to push them in the conundrum of ideas where they can fish for ideas, that is why we have a diverse blog collection because i do not restrict their approach or their methods. The thing with writers is that they require absolute autonomy on their work and that is how your content team grows.
Muntasir Rashid
@harri_stapp I agree to that. Writers write best when they are in their comfort zone. However, how do you manage the communication, content briefing, approval etc?
Harri Arain
@muntasir_rashid since we develop our own products and softwares our app the Staff Timer App allows us to communicate, briefing and approval can be done easily, do check that out
Matthew Behan-Fossey
Hey, I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but you can create custom collections in [Partizion]( that could serve as steps along your workflow (Groups of tabs, ex: for one of your steps you can have trello, google docs, and your content brief as tabs). You can then easily switch between tasks using Partizion's one-click context switching. Let me know if this helps :)
Sreekanth PM
Are you talking about a solution for content publishers or a multi-author platform where you can have a team-based content publishing plan, planner, and contributors with workflow?
Muntasir Rashid
@sreekanth850 Something similar to that. A project management tool designed for content teams with features like Editorial calendar, writing collaboration, content curation with keywords or hashtags, multi channel publishing etc.
Sreekanth PM
@muntasir_rashid I had done an extensive market research on the said subject as a part of our product and found that you may not see any such platform. Almost all are focusing on other aspects. Collaboration and Team management with content planner is not yet addressed.
Muntasir Rashid
@sreekanth850 Yes, I found StoryChief & Content Studio but seems both of them are mostly focused on social media scheduling. Are you building something to solve the problem?
Sreekanth PM
@muntasir_rashid Content Studio is excellent if you are into social media. Yeah we are into building something that solve the planning and collaboration on content publishing with dynamic workflow. Hope to launch a beta by next April. This is not for social media but for your web and blogs. It is building with API first Approach.
Sreekanth PM
@muntasir_rashid Not yet thought about pricing. But we will be giving fairly less for early adopters. Plus there are many other things we bring on the table. The above one is just one feature.
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