What browser do you use?

David Delahunty
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Marketing Specialist @ Channels
Recently switched to Brave :)
Tech geek
Chrome, Firefox and Brave
The idea guy.
@deephdave Similar to me
Only Chrome. Can't get used to any other
The idea guy.
@arina_krotova I can understand that.
The idea guy.
I'm using Brave now and Chrome for a few extensions.
Mission-driven founder and marketer
Entrepreneur, developer, tech-lover.
After getting used to Safari, can't go back. Performance on MacBook is great, and ecosystem integration is stellar (synced history/bookmarks with iCloud, "share" button to quickly AirDrop myself links, "share" to Messages, etc., reading list).
Cо-founder and Design Director @Vectorly
Usually I use Chrome (because of extensions), but I really like minimalistic Safari design.
Digital Growth Hacking
Chrome..Heard good things about Brave as well.
Run a web and marketing agency.
Use Mac which works best with Safari but I am impressed with Brave
Founder, Konjor AI
Vivaldi Browser 2.0 for the last 2 years! It is so good, I am disappointed it doesn't get more attention. Brave is just fine too.
App developer, Tech advisor, Meditator
Using Crome because of chrome extensions. It's difficult to move to other browser.
Co-founder of Nova Money
Chrome for work, Brave for personal browsing. Brave block all ads, which makes browsing much faster and cleaner
Co Founder @ Support Llama
i use FF to go proxy through work server and chrome for general browsing.
Growth Product Manager @ PPC Ad Editor
Lol literally no one uses IE anymore, that's kind of sad
Creator of UpStamps
Switched to the new Microsoft Edge for Mac
Creative Director. Designer. Brander.
Microsoft Edge since beta
Web Designer
Chrome on Desktop ; DuckDuckGo on Mobile