What about Product Hunt for finding a co-founder?

Sreekanth PM
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The most difficult thing I had come across is finding a co-founder. None of the sites like cofounders lab is active like this and serious like this. Why cant Product Hunt brings a feature to find co-founders who are interested to join any of the founders from PH? What are some of the ways you find co-founders?


Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
I do not think founders looking for one another is the best way to find co-founders. I meet a lot of people from different channels and when someone has similar thesis as I do regarding business, I simply talk more. Recently I met someone on Reddit who was sharing their own videos explaining complicated database/machine learning related topics in plain English. Their style resonated with me since my mission is to build products that are really for non-technical people, no engineering needed. So I reached out and now we share updates with each other and seeing how this goes. When we are busy being founders or creators - we are busy doing that - that is what you should search for - the telltale signs of a founder who is similar in your thought process. A search box on any site will not get you there - talking, working together on projects will.
Sreekanth PM
@sumitdatta yes i completely agree with your statement, finding founders is not a spontaneous thing, it has to happen while working together.
Hey @sreekanth850 !! Have you looked into Y-Combinators Startup School? It's a pretty nice resource I'm sure they have a decent directory of founders that you can use to find a co-founder.
Stephane Ibos
Given you can make amazing encounters pretty much everywhere, I don't see why one wouldn't be able to find a co-founder on PH. I would though think it's just a mere intro. Being co-founders is much more than a simple "association". We all know creating startups is an eventful ride, full of ups and downs. The founding team is the cornerstone of the journey and needs to be rock-solid, capable of genuine discussions, of disagreeing without any grudge being held, of moving past tough times - among others. This requires more in-depth relationship than just "online dating", no matter which platform is the source of the introduction. Potential co-founders that found each others online should indeed work together for a while, learn to know each others and see if they can engage in a dispassionate, long-term relationship.