What is a good landing page for you?

Fabien Fournier
4 replies
Hi makers, We just finished our landing page for our launch on Product Hunt. I was wondering how makers define a good landing page! In my opinion : 1) Message first 2) Only one CTA, only one goal 3) One public 4) A Specific value proposition for this public And you, how do you define a good landing page? 👇


Sergey Krasotin
Hi Fabien, we've been testing tens of landing pages recently for our products and a very good benchmark for a good landing page is this one: if you can describe your product or a service using only words from the landing page — than the content is fine and it's ready to launch 🙂 Otherwise you definitely need to tune texts on the page a little bit.
Hussein Yahfoufi
I would add testimonials or social proof as a needed section
Fabien Fournier
@husseinyahfoufi Thank for your feedback! Indeed, social proof or testimonials are important guarantee for visitors