What are the good practices when hiring our first employee (full-stack developer)?

Baptiste N
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We're 2 founders and are looking for a developer. We're opened to give shares after a few months (if everything goes well). Industry: SaaS for eCommerce Place: Barcelona (remote is Ok, but being face-to-face is important for the onboarding/training).


Rahul Arora
Apart from tech stack and exposure to technologies, below are some must have qualities: - Passion/energy to hustle - Product understanding agnostic of tech stack he works on - Should be able to understand product and vision behind the idea at 10000 foot and should be able to connect with what you guys are building - Should have understanding of an early stage startup environment
Minal Joshi Jaeckli
Hey Baptiste, So people love to use words like "enthusiasm," "passion," and a lot of other "blah, blah, blah..." but while those words sound good (to people who have no skin in the game) they have no measurable meaning. Sorry to sound so brutal.😬 What makes for a successful hire is how well they collaborate with the team to get stuff done. Collaboration being the sweet spot of having someone on your team who 1) knows how to do the job and 2) actually has the "right" attitude. Funny thing about this "right" attitude part is what's "right" is a two way street 🤔 like when you go running with someone, the "right" pace is totally dependent what you find to be the "right" pace... which is going to be different for another person. Anyway, I have built an algorithm that does a fast two-sided bias-free assessment that tells you how well two people collaborate. Of course, it's easy to validate with existing team members - 'cause you already know who you work best/worst with... if you'd like to see how it works correctly nailing how well you work with each person in your team, reach out. ✌️ Best of luck, Minal
Amanda Trincher
Both technical and communication skills are important so that he can easily integrate into the team, bring value and bring his ideas to the product. Now it's easy to hire full stack developers in Ukraine or from another country, and find the right specialist