What platform do you use to show KPI data?

Emanuele Ricci
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Hi all, I've just developed a voice application for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and I would like to track user data from it. This is a trivia game so I would like to know how many matches user has made daily, how many questions have been answered and so on. What online service do you use? I would like to find a service that allows me to send data via API or via an exposed JSON and then I can configure the service's dashboard displaying data. A friend suggested me to combine Elasticsearch with Grafana. What do you use?


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I've generally used Google Data Studio for this type of stuff because it's free and really flexible. Usually I send the data to a Google Sheet and connect that to Data Studio.
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I've used both Metabase and The all-new Geckoboard to some success. Definitely worth checking out!
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Lots of great options out there. Here's a link to some you might want to consider: https://www.bigmessagefoundry.co... The list is focused on embedding capabilities, but all of these also do standalone analytic dashboards as well.
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We use datadock.com, it allows API integration or JSON.
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I love Databox, it's not the cheapest but it is very powerful. Tons of integrations and can connect to a database. Databox Referral link Check out their agency plans as well.