What platform do you use to show KPI data?

Emanuele Ricci
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Hi all, I've just developed a voice application for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and I would like to track user data from it. This is a trivia game so I would like to know how many matches user has made daily, how many questions have been answered and so on. What online service do you use? I would like to find a service that allows me to send data via API or via an exposed JSON and then I can configure the service's dashboard displaying data. A friend suggested me to combine Elasticsearch with Grafana. What do you use?


Matthew Johnson
I've generally used Google Data Studio for this type of stuff because it's free and really flexible. Usually I send the data to a Google Sheet and connect that to Data Studio.
Matt Hamilton
I've used both Metabase and The all-new Geckoboard to some success. Definitely worth checking out!
Kevin Smith
Lots of great options out there. Here's a link to some you might want to consider: https://www.bigmessagefoundry.co... The list is focused on embedding capabilities, but all of these also do standalone analytic dashboards as well.
Kevin adoul
We use datadock.com, it allows API integration or JSON.
Fahd Syed
I love Databox, it's not the cheapest but it is very powerful. Tons of integrations and can connect to a database. Databox Referral link Check out their agency plans as well.