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I am sharing Metabase with you all today, as its launching publicly, after finding it really useful the past few months inside Expa. I have been using Metabase to make sense of Company data in a way that is easier and simpler than using any other external tool. It’s been great as its platform agnostic and you can use it on; Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk (AWS), as well as your own hosted instance if you wanted. I have used a ton of business intelligence tools in the past and this is a super fast and simple way to get actionable data - great for showing your CFO/CMO/CRO the data they need to make smarter decisions. Obviously I am a little biased, but after using this tool for the past few months I was excited to share what Sameer + team has been working on!
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Hey Eric - Thanks for the mention and appreciate the kind words. Been great working with all the NYC Expa companies. To add a little color to the line about how great Metabase is, one of its primary strengths has been that it has a very simple interface that’s usable by anyone in a company. It’s not just for folks with “engineer”, “analyst” or a “C” in their title. We’ve had folks on growth teams, sales support, customer happiness and bizdev teams use it on their own. Appreciate the love and if anyone has any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them. Cheers. -Sameer
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@sameer_alsakran This looks great. What's your business model given it's free and open source?
We've been using this at Drip for a while and it's been really helpful in getting the non-engineering team members digging into the data. Its also had some unintended benefits for our team, like giving everyone a simple interface to our database which comes in handy when doing customer support (i.e. How long has this member been in the system, how much have they spent with us, etc). We recently setup a stats radiator in the middle of our space with a handful of Metabase dashboards rotating throughout the day. Recommended.
@htmiguel Thanks! Working with you guys has been awesome.
Congrats Eric, Sameer! Love that it increases access and participation in data analytics to more employees In a company. Can you share the story behind making it open source?
@nikhilkal Thanks Nikhil! We had originally built it for the Expa portfolio. After using it for our first handful of companies, and getting feedback from others who had been guinea pigs for it, it seemed like something that people would find useful. And on many levels, it's the same thing I've wanted at every company I've worked on for the last 10+ years, so there was a bit of scratching our own itches.
Access to information within an organization is so key. You never know where the next great idea will come from. I've been in the hot seat at Clearspring (now AddThis) building tools on top of tools and it took so much of my time away from building our products. The ability to collaborate, synthesize, annotate, analyze and summarize seems too good to be true. Checking it out now to learn more.
@cyrusradfar Thanks! Let me know how you find it!