Any tips on how to grow a social/entertainment website?

Chelsea Randall
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I am new to ProductHunt and have been reviewing all of the amazing companies and people who are so passionate about their creations. Majority of the products I have reviewed offer a specific service or have a tangible product they are selling. With our website (currently in Soft Launch Phase) - we are a content type service, aiming to provide engagement and entertainment. Any tips or advice on how to grow this type of business would be great! We are in the market for a social media manager and will also begin work on SEO shortly. Still just trying to get our website and concept off the ground. Thank you!


Alex Papageorge
I've found some really good success lately partnering with newsletters. Find newsletters that have an audience w/ your demographic and talk to them about either a small amount of $ or exchanging services for exposure.
Jas Mowgod
Instagram ads, creating engaging social content, doing paid promotions with influencers or thought leaders in the same space.
Chelsea Randall
Thanks for the feedback! I think social media will be our best option as well. The obvious answer of course. We're about to launch our social media / marketing plan so I hope that we get some good results. We are casually posting on various sites now, but we need to take it to the next level.