Five things to keep in mind when building your landing page

Ryan Wilson
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Someone recently reviewed my landing page in the form of video. The feedback of them scrolling through my site with no idea what it was beforehand was so insightful. I decided to do the same for others and made posts here on PH ( and over on IndieHackers ( offering to do this for people. I reviewed 60+ landing pages using loom to make videos. Some common themes arose in what we can all do to improve our landing pages. Here are the top five: 1. Say what the customer problem is We are often so excited by our products, that we want to jump in and discuss the features. Before telling someone about features, intrigue them by relating to a problem. Remind them of some emotional pain they feel. Then when they read about your features, they will be looking for how it relieves that pain. 2. Don't use so many adjectives We all use way too many adjectives to describe features: "Beautiful", "Easy-to-use", "Powerful", etc. Adjectives don't help the visitor understand anything about what the product does. It's also up to them to decide it's beautiful, easy-to-use, or powerful. Tell them what it does, let them realize how great it is. 3. Don't link to other pages and expect them to go there Clicking into another page is asking the visitor to do work. You want to make it as little work for them as possible to understand how your product is going to solve their problem. In service to this, put your pricing on your landing page. 4. Don't hide stuff in accordions Most people will not click into each accordion. If it's vital to have on the landing page, make it a scannable section. 5. Focus on making it scannable Most people will not read any paragraphs of text on your landing page. Make sure all the information they need can be gotten from headings.
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