Hunting for a product roadmap tool

Ryan Wilson
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I am looking for a tool that I can use to create, organize, and share a roadmap for my product. I want something with a great UI for organizing features and then sharing the roadmap with users either through a link or something embedded. Any suggestions? (Self-promotion welcome if you're building something!)


Junior Owolabi
Atlassian Confluence enables you to create public facing pages; you can add the roadmap widget
Kyrylo Taranenko
Hey @ryan_wilson6, I'm using Canny for TimelinesAI. We develop an app that helps to easily update your team on your recent communication with clients, and heavily rely on the feedback of our users. When I considered the app to collect feedback, it was important for me to do three things: for users to easily request, upvote and discuss new features, the option to easily embed it into our app, and for the changelog page to be included in the package. Canny fits all of the above; they also have a startups discount for the first year. Let me know if this helps! Upd: here's how our Roadmap looks like for our users in TimelinesAI:
Ryan Wilson
@kyrylo Thanks for this recommendation. This looks like it fits pretty close to what I'm looking for. Do you use it primarily for organization for yourself? Or do you use an integration to load in the tasks?