Should I also sell on Amazon?

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I'm writing my first eBook about micro-entrepreneurship that's called Start With A Side-Project - So far I'm only offering it on Gumroad, I actively promote it since I'm a first-time author so I don't expect to be recommended by Gumroad. How does the discoverability on Amazon works? Will I have to put efforts promoting it there as well? I might as well just focus on promoting my Gumroad page instead of promoting two links.


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Being a first-time author, you should distribute it for free. Once it gets popular, you can start selling it.
@deepak_positive Thanks but as I learned, if you create something with value, you want to charge for it.
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Agree with Deepak. You might be really successful with it if you give it away for free behind a newsletter signup form (shameless plug - This way you can get an audience in your specific niche, and then once you have a good amount of people who know you, you can start selling them products in that area. To answer your question more succinctly, there is literally no reason why you shouldn't put it on Amazon. You might want to look up / reach out to Arvid Kahl. He just released a book in basically the same niche as you on Amazon and it reached the top of the business section on the first day.
@jamesskarzynski Thanks, I will probably consider listing it on Amazon as well, since there is no reason not to. I suspect that most micro-entrepreneurship books out there are mostly guides, similar to Arvid's book. Whereas my book is about the steps I've taken and my personal experiences from these 3 months of working on my side-project and selling it.