Got accepted to AppSumo!!! 🎉

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Yesterday I saw the great numbers Andrew Kamphey posted of his product: BetterSheets, which stemmed from the exposure he got from AppSumo. That's when I decided to give it a shot and submitted my ebook ( to AppSumo. It was a long shot as their acceptance rate is only around 5%. I woke up today and saw an email from AppSumo's team, saying that I got accepted and they will list me! That's some awesome news to wake up to. I assume it's due to my marketing effort and the great feedback I got from readers: "I read the book in one go! It's amazing! Looking forward to reading another one" - Nikola, founder of Hosted Status Page


Alex Papageorge
Congratulations! That's awesome. I've been a big fan of AppSumo for a while. Great work again! Big things happening
Valerie Fenske
Congrats Noy! What goals do you set for the AppSumo campaign?