Do you do your Christmas shopping online or offline?

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Dan Edwards
This year I've not bought a single present offline 😱 With how good, fairly priced and reliable delivery is these days, it just takes the stress out of buying gifts!
Gonçalo Henriques
Both, It depends on the type of gift, if it's a technological or a book I'll probably go to Amazon or Book depository if it's more of a local/typical gift I'll by offline.
Una Vidaković
I live in Serbia so online options are not limited but they are not that popular. I would look for things online but almost always I would go to the store to buy them in the end. I would go online only for thing that are not available in my country/city.
Edison Espinosa
I either buy presents on black friday or a couple weeks after Christmas when everything is heavily discounted as well
Matea Kofiloska
I saw some comments about how easy it is nowadays to buy presents online. I don't fully agree with that. I live in Macedonia so online shopping is not that popular still in my country :\ People are searching for online products just for an idea of what to buy, than they end up going to the store to purchase the same thing :)
John Bauer
Both Online and Offline. Online for shopping items that are large or not available offline or get a better online price, i.e. gifts, etc. Offline shopping experience with your family is great. After shopping, lunch or dinner is the best time you've spent with your family.
Jenny Roy
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Gabriel Birnbaum
Is there a Hannukah option? 😱
i like to shopping online like any day
David A. Lindahl
I went to Target last weekend, forgot how insane in person shopping is before the holidays. Never gain. I'm sticking to online ordering (and then picking up in store, to avoid package thievery)
Martin Henry
I do my christmas shopping online and offline. I order a lot on amazon :)
Khyati Rathod
Both, It depends on Gift what to buy :)
Tommy Le
I tend to do both. There are many interesting gifts I cannot find in my country, and so I rely on Amazon on that. On the other hand, I go for shopping offline to buy food for our family dinner.
Richard Shepherd
Online every time. John Lewis have a fabulous website. Their shops are so overcrowded and smell strongly of perfume.
Ahmadullah Junaeid
I don't do Christmas shopping. Besides I like to shop bit of online & offline. Offline marketing is best at all.
Gaelle Pitaud
Offline for sure, e-commerce is everything!
Jaskiran Kaur
Bit of both is great. I prefer buying clothes offline as I can feel the material and things like makeup, jewellery, gifts,etc is great if done online.
Daniel Leal
2 yrs since this poll came up. Just wow! and my answer is both.