What is truly the best productivity app out there?

Lizzie MacNeill
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We've seen so many great productivity tools dropping lately, so we want to know, what's your #1 and why?


Lizzie MacNeill
For me, I do a lot of social media, so @latermedia and Buffer save me the most time.
Jake Crump
F.lux is my favorite productivity app. I've been using it for years, and it has saved me from so many headaches. I usually start work before the sun comes up and having it adjust blue light levels throughout the day keeps my eyes from getting tired or getting headaches which in turns keeps me more productive.
Ryzal Yusoff πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ
For me it would be Reader Mode and Reader Mode Premium to help me remove distractions and organize my online articles 😊
Christopher G
Drafts - shocked it's not an all-star on this site, needs better presence, but is one of the most amazing note-based productivity + workflow + scripting tools of all time
Noah Raskin
Walling is easily one of my fav productivity apps. There are so many ways to benefit from it! Give it a try! πŸ˜‰
Calum Webb
I'm currently trying out Claquette for making gifs for social media and so far been really impressed! I'd say my favorite productivity app would be Stoic. for keeping me focused and helping me journal everyday.
Joel Runyon
I'm still trying to figure out why Woven Calendar 2.0 isn't on this list
Enes Malik Turhan
My favorites are StayFree* and ActionDash**. You gain awareness of how much time you spend on your phone by viewing your screen time. You determine which application is wasting your time. You can also set these apps to alert or block you when you overuse them. I definitely recommend you to try it. *https://play.google.com/store/ap... **https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Edison Yap
Disclaimer, I created it so watch out for the bias :) I am using my own app, Slick Inbox extensively. It's a newsletter reader app, so it provides you with a @slickinbox.com email that you use to subscribe to newsletters. I just find that it's a much better experience reading it with a dedicated app rather than digging through my Gmail. https://slickinbox.com/
Sam Diacos
https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifo... based on David Allen's GTD framework. Have tried a bunch and this is the best one for me, very easy to ratchet up / down how deep you want to go with it, simple and very quick to manage.
Andrew Tye
No app - for me it's putting my phone on silent and not touching it for some set amount of time
Angela Gyetvan
We want you to try #friyay.io - check out our upcoming page.
Chris Messina
I think it depends on how you define "productivity"! Personally I find Alfred 3 and Rocket among my highest velocity-encouraging apps... especially now that I'm investing more in creating custom Workflows, I'm focused more on the meat of the tasks I'm working on, rather than trying to navigate to each working context (i.e. a specific website, email, contact, etc)
Robert Zalaudek
Productivity is a highly over-used word. You almost have to say "productivity for social media" or whatever it is you're interested in. For social media I use Hootsuite and to stay on track with tasks and prevent interruptions from colleagues I use a tool that we developed and launched on PH in November called Pomodus
Graham Seymour
For me, the answer is now and forever shall be Nuclino πŸ™
Gaurav Banka
For me right now it is #Notion. As they rightly mention on their website β€œAll in one wokspace”. It eliminates the need for separate apps for Project Management, Notes, Wiki, Documents, Databases; in a nutshell a Life Management platform. Yes, the onboarding process can be a bit overwhelming but once you get a hang of it; sky is the limit with Notion.
Guillaume S
notion.so is really good. I use it for everything now. Taking notes, courses, ideas, working on projects, calendars... It's a mix between Google Docs, and web pages. You can organize your pages as you want and insert a large variety of things, like sheets or code snippets. And you can work with your team simultaneously.
Yugandhar Bhamare
I use Notion for dumping thoughts, documenting, todos etc and slack for staying connected with team
Bryan Choo
I have been using notion and I highly recommend it ! Its a great note taking app + database app