What is your best summer WFH tip?

Lizzie MacNeill
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It's summer so we want to make WFH more fun. ☀️ What are you mixing into your summer routine and what apps are you using to help work outside and maximize the longer days?


Web Designer
Not working in the afternoon to enjoy some outdoor/park time...then working a couple hours later that evening to make up for it.
@danohart This. Everyday around 4 pm I leave the computer for a couple of hours to go outside walk or just chill in the nearby park. I finish my work day in the evening after dinner
Product Manager, Writer, Speaker
I've saved almost 4 hours of daily commute time because of WFH. Investing that time into writing my thoughts on product management. As a bonus, learned quite a few things about how to build a website! P.S. Not mentioning the blog link here as don't want it to come across as spammy.
Not an app, but have enjoyed burning a candle at my desk with calming scents to help drive focus. Am biased, but these are great --> https://wfhcandles.com/
Digital Marketing Manager, Ardoq
I've set up working rules that help me stay on track, like not working from the kitchen table (because I'll end up tidying up over and over again) or snoozing my notifications (because I'll end up replying every other minute instead of doing the work that actually matters). A big point has been setting an end to my workday, so that I can actually enjoy the longer days. A few cool work from home tips in this eBook launched on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/post...