Do you use social media to get customer support?

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Curious to see how many of us use social media to get results from brands we invest in.
All the time.
Hardly ever.
Only in extreme circumstances.


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Yes, but not always publicly. If I can slide into the DMs to avoid an embarrassing call out, will do.
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It's odd but they return much faster when I contact with them on social media.
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@yigitpinarbasi I notice that pattern, too though I dislike the idea of airing folks in public.
UI/UX Designer and many other things
@abadesi Mostly sending a DM for safety.
It depends, I will do if a support team simply wont respond within 48 hours and it has something to do with my money, then yes I will. Eg; a certain hosting company had an issue where a number of accounts got hacked and someone upped by bill by $250 and it came out, the support team did not want to hear about it, so went to social media got my money back the next day
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@aaronoleary Support teams interaction on social media is definitely faster. For example, I've been following up through email on an issue for almost a month with absolutely no response and a single message in social media, gave the right direction and it ended with a positive closure :)
@devaonbreaches Yeah definitely agree! It's a way of keeping companies accountable on support issues I feel
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Whenever I'm looking for customer support, I always head to twitter first to see whether they've got open DMs or a @Spotifycares esque Twitter page for their support. Generally I prefer it because it's a platform I'm familiar with which I can refer back to, and that I can repeatedly access depending on how a support issue changes. On a companies own site, asking for updates on an issue or similar is often more challenging than on Twitter DMs imo.
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I have simply because I've had incredible responses through Twitter DMs. It always shocked me but once I tried it I learned it is often a valuable resource. Also, I got some free food when complaining about a troublesome food app once. 😂
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Twitter all the way with print screens and direct mentions!
Each SNS has its own user base. Instagram is usually used by women in their 20s n 30s. so... It's gonna be inappropriate to collect opinions from elder people. it depends
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Depends on different companies I think. I have seen some support teams responding via Facebook messenger pretty fast. Still I would prefer asking for support via website's livechat. At the very least they always know my email address & send me email. With Facebook though, it's difficult to keep track of all asking customers.
Yes, I always use social networks to support customers.
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Pizza Hut has offered me free replacement orders thrice now so yeah. 🤣
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Yes, personally, I have used Twitter multiple times, to connect with brands, raise a complaint, or simply to share feedback. To my surprise, my queries have always been answered. Now, from a business perspective, social media customer service is growing in leaps and bounds. A single online post can make or break your brand- that’s the power of social media. However, by using the right customer support software (, entrepreneurs can respond to social media tickets in no time.