How often do you allow yourself to be silly in your work?ðŸĪŠ

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Especially on Social Media, we have plenty of examples of brands that allow a certain silliness factor. Like the twitter feuds between Wendy's and Burger King, Pepsi and Coke, and Netflix's excellent spicy humor. 😂 B2B companies are usually more serious. Supposedly to create trust. But I think a giggle or two can be pretty trust-building.ðŸĪ— What do you think?


Just so you know where I'm coming from, I created an actual form template with a Sponge Bob gif. Personally I think it's funny and people would enjoy it. Fun Game Night Sign Up Form
Eugene Fedorov
A good sense of humor never killed anyone, I guess. I'm more of a joker in 1-on-1 conversations with my colleagues and way more serious during team meetups (since usually there's just not enough time for anything offtopic).
@new_user_246bd233fe I agree. Personally, I think that 80% of office culture depends on the type of humor is prevalent and/or encouraged. When it comes to humor geared towards the target audience, I have to say it feels like a lot of companies are crazy cautious. Because it's practically impossible for one joke to be universally funny and therefore, relatable to the specific target audience. But wouldn't that mean that we should include 'type of humor' next to Location, age group, etc?
Alex Barlow
You have to love a bit of office humor - We once gave all the office computer clocks a custom sound and offset them by 10 seconds. On the hour, the first computer made the Tarzan hoola, shortly after the Lion roar, the Elephant trumpet and the chimp noise. The look on Project managers faces priceless.
Lina Earnest
For me a bit of humor can release stress while work but need to have limitation to it. Just my two cents :)