Product Hunt Launch Hunters: What do you do?

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I heard of pros and cons from both options. IF you can get a good Hunter to help, you might get a LOT eyes on your product, but not necessarily upvotes. Hunting it yourself means having a bit more control but way less impressions. So, what do you do?
Ask for Hunter to hunt your product
Hunt your own product


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@laura_pompeu I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thinking through this now actually
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@laura_pompeu @peyton Same. Still trying to learn about PH
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@peyton @mitchgillogly Hi, well, it was a tough call, but I opted to get a hunter. It's been very effective to getting MightyForms in front of more people. Check it out:
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@peyton @laura_pompeu How'd you find a hunter?
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@peyton @mitchgillogly There's a list of the top 500 hunters: you can always connect with them here and through twitter and ask if they would be up fot it :)
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@mitchgillogly @laura_pompeu I'd love to hear more about your experience finding a hunter!