How many tools you are using at work? How do you connect them together?

Anthony Thong Do
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Rishi Raj
Thanks @thongda for this thread, Hi Everyone, For my requirements, these are. I am using it. Project Management: (It is very intuitive, simple and easy to use. We all love it in our team and use it daily for all kind of work) Team Communication: ( It has inbuild communication tool too) File and Docs Storage: Internal Documentation: Gitbook Mockups/Wireframe: Adobe XD with Zeplin plugin (A must need a tool) Design: Photoshop, Adobe XD. Editor/Coding Tool: VSCode Code Managing: Github
Vineta Gajevska
Hey @thongda thanks so much for this thread! Hello everyone! The tools I personally use are: * Pomodoro- Tracker. com to track how much time goes into which are of my work , so I can always optimize. A cool plus to this free app for me is that you can enroll into the Global stats and see how other people use their Pomodoro Tracker. I don't connect it to any other apps, as this is good enough for me as a standalone time-management tool. * Office Hero Planner to break down the specific tasks and schedule for the next day at the end of the previous working day, that way I can just leave the office without thinking of work, and come back the next thay to a whole agenda already planned. Less stress! Can't really connect it to anything, but have access through a QR code to a webpage that gives actionable tips on small steps that you can take to improve productivity. * GitLab for code management. I guess when choosing the git repository, one must address what their specific needs are. For me GitLab is the perfect choice thanks to features like time-tracking, built-in free CI and the fact that you can choose who gets access, and exporting is better IMO. * Google Docs & Google Drive for most of my file management. I've always used them so I guess the main reason is the fact that I'm used to their services, and the familiarity makes it super simple for me to create, share and manage documents. Also, it is quite simple to connect them and use with other tools, so that is a big convenience for me. * Luxafor Flag for outer interruption management and to receive visual notifications about important and urgent emails only. I use it to show my team (or random people when I'm out-of-the-office ,e.g. in coworking spaces or cafes) when I'm available or not. Red and Green are the basic colors I use, and I have a blinking blue queue of notification set up when I receive a really important email. Also have it set up for Discord, Slack, GitLab and  Google Docs via Zapier. * Zapier to just connect and automate what you couldn't otherwise. For example, I use Google Docs and Google Drive for most of my document management, and various Slack channels for team communication, and Zapier seems to be able to connect and create flows (zaps) for use-cases such as my Luxafor Flag lighting up when someone mentions me on Slack. This dramatically reduces my time spent uselessy browsing or reacting to each and one of notifications, when they actually don't involve me. Yellow flashes indicate a new commit in GitLab to projects of my choice. This is particularly important in team projects, so I don't miss out on changes.
Egor Komarov
Team connecting: 1. 🔴 Asana (Must have) - tasks and management 2. 📓 Notion (Must have) - all docs in one place 3. 💬Telegram - messenger
Julia Clarks
I use Slack that is integrated with Google Drive which makes it very convenient when you receive timely notifications on comments in Docs and so on :)
Ranvijay Singh
Using Google Spreadsheets Wordpress WooCommerce Jilt HubSpot Sendy Asana Slack Google Analytics SendGrid Typeform Dropbox Connecting almost all of them through Integromat, except Slack and Asana. But Slack & Asana are connected separately
abdul rehaman
Hi everyone, As I am digital marketer my work is to get leads&sales for the clients. The tools I am using in my work are Leadmirror tool to improve SEO of my client website Grammerly tool for checking grammer mistakes in the content Google analytics for the analysis of the website traffic
Jerwin Joshuah
Here's how my list looks like. 1. Google docs 2. Google sheets 3. Zoho social for social media posts 4. @zapier for marketing automations
Olga Vakulenko
I use a lot of tools: gmail, google sheets, findthatemail, linkedin, clearout, mixmax, snovio, permutator. I have quite a complex algorithm to unite it all together Electroneek helps me with it.
Eugene Fedorov
Trello - task management for myself and team Slack - team communication Figma - mockups, wireframes Google Docs / Drive - sharing files with team Hubspot - CRM Btw, today we’ve lauched a tool that automates routine tasks and works seamlessly with any SaaS platforms including all of these
Anthony Thong Do
As a product manager, here is my stack Notion + Google Drive: Documents Slack: Communication Asana: Project Management Holistics: Data Analytics Figma: Design Others: AirTable, Fullstory, Appcues, Zapier, Calendar, GitHub, TypeForm... I feel hopeless connecting them together btw
Olga Vakulenko
@thongda try our tool - electroneek-saas :) if you will have troubles, write to us, we will try to assist. I the left link above
Peal Ami
I'm using, - Slack for official communication - Termius as terminal - Atom as editor - PgAdmin4 for psql - Sequel-pro for MySQL - Todoist for task management - Jira for issue tracking - Trello for internal team tasks - Transmit for file sharing - OneTab to align my browser - Nodemon for console - Spotify to listen music and be cool always in work - Postman for API execution - NotePad to make meeting notes Thanks, @thongda for this thread. Came to know many apps through this thread. Great job 👍🏻
Anthony Thong Do
Hi @peal_ami, I have a question, are you facing any challenges using a lot of tools?
Peal Ami
@thongda Yeah, all these tools im using it regularly. For example I use notes always to make my plans organised. For past three years it become my routine. Like this each and one of the app has a story for me.