Office Hero Planner

Organize tasks. Measure what no activity tracker can

Office Hero Planner is an epic way to reclaim control over your life choices and make smarter daily decisions without making excuses. With this undated daily planner, you can become exactly who you want to be by measuring what no technology can.
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Now i know what i must to present for my Mom. I think it will a very good present. She is a businesswoman
@garri_meyson Absolutely thrilled to hear that you've found the perfect match for the planner! 🎯Let us know how your Mom likes the present 💚
Hello Product Hunt👋 and thanks @tchret for hunting us!💚 We’re really excited to introduce the Office Hero Planner. The Office Hero Planner is a simple way to take back control over your life by using techniques that simply work if you put a small amount of time in daily. We wanted to honor all the Heroes that work hard, are willing to learn, but feel stuck with the never-ending sense of no free time, and wish to work smarter, so their overall quality of life could be improved and maintained at a superpower level. 👇 Specs 👇 - Undated 90-day journal (13 weeks) - 8.25 x 5.25 inches (210 x 130 mm) - Hardcover with rounded corners - Printed on 100% recycled paper certified by FSC - 287 pages - Elastic enclosure - A durable ribbon marker - Lay-flat binding - Fountain pen friendly 👇 How did this come along?👇 I started working on this specific way of planning my days, weeks and months a while ago when I realized I can’t be the only one working hard, aspiring to be happy and spend more quality time wherever I was, but always ending up “too busy” to actually live a balanced life, where both my body and mind are happy. Tried a combo of planners and physical activity trackers but had no idea what the numbers meant and honestly got fed up with the overload of unnecessary data tracked and no suggestions on how to improve. That’s why the methodology in this planner is powerful yet super easy to follow, as it only takes a few minutes a day to review how it went , and you always have free access to an online platform filled with actionable tips and tricks on how to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle that supports both your mental and physical health within your workplace and outside. 👇 How it works? 👇 ✅ DAILY UNDATED - For best results, you use this planner 7 days a week. - Each day you use a classic appointment schedule (from 6 am till 9 pm) and an established task management system called MIT (Most Important Task) to avoid exhausting yourself with long to-do lists that are impossible to complete. - Every day you encounter elements that court positive thinking over possible negative thoughts, such as motivating daily quotes, and the gratitude section you can quickly fill in the evening. - At the end of each day you look back at the day gone by and literally spend less than 2 minutes on checking off four important scores that affect your overall being - a truly remarkable & quick insight on what affects your daily performance. ✅ WEEKLY - Every 7 days you encounter once-a-week review and planning for the upcoming week. - You evaluate your performance based on the data logged daily, and can optimize it with the help of a curated online platform packed with tips and tricks on improving and maintaining the scores at your own pace. - Based on the past week’s review you can plan the week ahead by picking the main priority and write down actionable ways how you will improve. ✅ MONTHLY DATED - There is also a Monthly View that includes a classic dated calendar with all public holidays and celebrations and space for you to plan all the upcoming events. - A very important part is the unique habit planning and execution system (Don’t Break The Chain) that allows you to create a reward-based experience for yourself without the planner pushing the conditions onto you. - Dedicated space to dot down distractions to avoid assists you with clearly knowing the direction you are headed in. Any feedback is welcome ! 🐱
Omg the dog's name in the video is so cool! Looks promising!
@kaspars_ka Thank you, he truly is a Good Boy! 🐕 Sends his bark regards 😅Thanks for your support! 💚
Wow congrats! 👏This looks like something I've been looking for - a combo of a classic planner and a positivity journal! Pros 100% recycled paper really hits the spot for me - well done! Methodology seems cool, considering the mixture of the best productivity techniques out there and the positive mindset training elements. Cons: No cons
@aleksis_apinitis Hey, thank you so mcuh for your awesome feedback! 🙏It was super important to us to create a product from recycled materials - every step counts towards a better environment!🌎 Glad to hear you found this concept helpful!💚
@vineta_gajevska This definitely looks great! Does Luxafor ship from Latvia to US, or does it have a US based warehouse?
@aparkhills Thanks Andy!😺Luxafor currently ships from Latvia, but the planner will be available on very soon 🚀