Which tools do you guys use to talk with your customers?

Usama Khalid
14 replies
for e.g sending and writing personalised emails to each customer.


Kirill Kamanin
telegram... and very rarely WhatsApp
Usama Khalid
@vartkesyan You ask these details on signup form right?
Kirill Kamanin
@usama_khalid mostly, everyone is still using emails, but all the questions we try to solve in telegram Like we make special chats for every client where they may ask q get documents etc... We mostly do it after we signed the contract, but I know a lot of companies which do it before the sign
Joshua Tabansi
I just setup getgist.com for the new version of Timeblocks it's awesome! I can do live chat and personalised emails from one platform
Anastasiya Mykhaylova
Telegram, I run a chat and channel there for our community
Usama Khalid
@anastasiya_mykhaylova I think Telegram and Discord channels are becoming a thing now. Saw few SaaS companies doing that.
Salil Sethi
I've used intercom and drift before. Trying to figure out what to use for ProsperCircle.org now.
Pravin Uttarwar
I have mainly used Drift for conversations and Lemlist for campaigns.
Elen Udovichenko
We just happen to have our own sales engagement platform - Reply 2.0 as well as a sales communication app Reply Now So our choice of tools is pretty obvious :D Although, all the bias aside, the tools are very convenient and helps you stay in touch with your prospects across a number of channels, from email to social and messengers.
Robert Zalaudek
We use email, and for personal conversations we use our own video meeting app called urLive which we'll be launching in the next month. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Damir Mansurov
We use zoom and telegram