Could you share information about startup communities in London?

Max Gavrilovich
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Hi Makers. I'm looking for influencers or people, who know almost all about the London startup ecosystem and will be interested to develop our project in London. I want to pitch my project in January. We offer web application, where people can sing up and add a company with needs and offers for a startup ecosystem and start to receive feedback and recommendations matching his requests. You can see companies interested in your services and people and companies that may help you with your needs and start do deal with them immediately. The tool for a startup ecosystem to show actual information about all participants and helps them to find each other according to their needs. If you are interested let me know.


Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
I found ones focused on specific verticals via, also check out Facebook groups like London Startups and even Slack channels. Most of the big co working spaces like Campus and Huckletree offer metups and events, too.
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Maybe reach out to Patrick M. Powers - he started the Entrepreneurs in London meetup (24K members) - good luck