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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 🙏🏽


Filip Jędraszczyk
Thanks for this thread @abadesi Hi everyone! We’ve recently updated Listonic, a free shopping list app that allows you to share lists, see the total cost of shopping etc. We’d be thrilled to get some feedback on our app! 😄 We are particularly interested in all the features that are missing from our application. If there is anything you wish our app had, please, tell us about it! Android: iOS: Thank you so much! Filip
Rohit Mohan
@abadesi @filip_jedraszczyk This looks great. I am a self-taught guitarist / songwriter myself and I often look for online courses to upgrade my skills. The price points are just right with a "something for everything policy". Downloading the app and checking it out as I speak.
Thank you for the thread @abadesi Hello guys! We would be launching a "Live Music Academy", where you can learn music from a professional online, live! This is a 1 to 1 platform where you can book sessions with professionals from the music industry and learn any instrument/vocals/music production from them. These sessions are not pre-recorded and happen in real time. Would be really happy if we get some feedback or get some users trying this platform out! Here is the link:
Eric Vanular
@ahaanpandit your site design looks good. I would prefer to be able to compare course fees directly in the same currency instead of having to convert across different currencies to understand relative costs
Roman Eaton
@ahaanpandit your landing page looks great. I the first screen I'd like to have the options to switch the slides next and back to skip or to return to the slide. Agree with @ericvanular, it is more convenient when you are have only one currency not to compare, but to look through.
Kyrylo Taranenko
Hey Makers! The question is: do you have expertise or experience developing products, extensions, etc. for Whatsapp users? We are working on TimelinesAI. It is the app that helps to extract, view and share the most important business messages from your communication in one place. While the ultimate goal is to combine messages from multiple apps like e-mail, Slack and other messengers, we see a lot of value in supercharging users to sync Whatsapp chats and media files and import them into the apps of choice, such as CRMs or any other apps where you manage your business communication. I'd be glad to connect and chat about the products you developed and the demands/user pain points that you've discovered for this market! Thanks a lot! P.S. If you are interested in the solution itself, I'd also be glad to discuss your use cases and share the free access with you once it is ready! :) P.P.S. thank you for the thread and for managing these ones recurrently @abadesi!
Henry Zhang
@abadesi @kyrylo Kyrylo, reducing the amount of places you need to check for important business messages and general communications sound very useful. Do you mind if I ask how you are intending to sync Whatsapp with other applications? I imagine it has to be done after the message has been received and seen in some way because of Whatsapp's standard end to end encryption on messages. I would love to be able to discuss some use cases for your product when it is ready!
Olubunmi Adedire
Thanks @abadesi My team and I recently launched Amplifi, currently available on ios. Amplifi creates a social listening experience for everyone. Whether you're a DJ trying to connect with your audience or a group of friends in a house party or a virtual group with passion for a specific genre of music. This works by ranking songs in a playlist based on the number of upvotes by members in the group. Amplifi also connects seamlessly to your streaming account (Spotify and Apple music) if you'd like to explore the streaming experience. We'd love to get some feedback on our app, tell us what you think of it and how you'd like us to improve on it.. Thank you :-)
Thanks for this thread @abadesi Hello everyone, We've recently launched a BETA for Bawler. Bawler is a social platform for written content/podcasts and blogs, that allows any user to create, share, and connect on a single platform. We help content creators drive traffic as well as start the path to monetizing, and anyone with time and dedication can turn Bawler into a career. If you're a fan of blogs or podcasts, or have your own: create your account: Invite your friends after you create your account! I know this is a thread for founders, and I'm proud to say we have lots of businesses, startups, and publications writing Bawler blogs to grow. It'll be nice to browse through them if you're a fan of startup blogs! Read more:
Dmitry Gaiduk
Thank you so much for the thread @abadesi 😊 Hey Makers! We’ve launched our AI-powered app for mobile user testing - UXReality, and will appreciate your feedback :) We made it extremely helpful for product teams who want to simplify user testing process and increase its efficiency. It would be great if you share a few words about UXReality and tools you used to use. Here is a link: Thank you!
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
@abadesi @dmitry_gaiduk This looks really useful. This requires you to recruit testers?
Oytun Tuğçe TÜRKAN
Excellent! Thank you, I want to add information about OKR and how to track it. Let's dig in the OKR first. If you have a business that aims to improve itself, it is better to set goals to reach higher points. Aiming a far distance will make employees discover their real potential. Therefore, business can go further. To organize goals that have been set and enter progress, OKR template is used commonly. You can either create a worksheet or download it . Here is a website that you can find more information about OKR tracking templates: and if you want to track your OKRs with a software visit:
Rahul Jedge
Thanks for this thread @abadesi Hello makers, It's Rahul here, and I have developed a web app called MemeStack. If you love making memes or like exploring them then this app is right for you. In this today's stressful world memes helps you to release all your worries/stress of the a day and enjoy the life for moment which everyone should be. MemeStack is basically a social platform for meme makers and meme lovers. It allows you to upload, explore, and share your favorite memes. It allows anyone to upload memes, vote memes on the basis of lit or shit. And what's the best about MemeStack is, it let's you create a collection of your favorite memes, and share the collection with your friends and family. The app is still under development, and you can access it here I would'be more than happy to hear from you guys, so please check it out and let me know if there's missing something that you wish this app should have. Thanks!
Devanand Premkumar
@abadesi @rahuljedge Looks very interesting. Wonder why you want to use only Google auth and nothing else ?
Rahul Jedge
@abadesi @devaonbreaches it's still under development and nowadays everyone has a Google account so decided to go with Google, but planning on to add Facebook and Twitter auth. Also it helps you to prevent spam accounts. Glad that you like it.
Uzay Girit
Hey! I'm working on a customizable and automated tech newsletter that I recently launched. It's called Metadigest and you can check it out at I'm looking for beta users to get feedback on the newsletter and see what I can improve. Thank you so much
Jana Cagorovic
Thanks again @abadesi ✌️ Hi Makers, We are almost ready to launch our new module for Contact Search. But first, we need opinion about our first Sales.Rocks platform module for company search, where you can find company information from 9 different countries. It's a tool that helps all kind of businesses, firstly with their sales process, but also with sustainable client network growth. Invitation to all to try it out here: and also, our Upcoming Page is ready, so check it out, let me know if you like it 😉
Robert Zalaudek
Thanks for giving Makers an opportunity to raise the profile of our projects @abadesi Our Pomodus project is launching as we speak. I would welcome the PH community's input and support. Besides being a productivity and focus tool that allows people to reduce interruptions our goal was really to create a tool that would restore joy and satisfaction to work. With all of the interruptions and distractions that we get on a daily basis it's hard to get anything done. We hope that Pomodus makes a difference. Best, Robert and the Pomodus team
Hrishikesh Pardeshi
Thank you for starting this thread @abadesi! Hey everyone! We would be launching Flexiple ( this week on ProductHunt. Flexiple is a network of top freelance developers and designers. We primarily cater to tech teams (as small as an indiemaker looking for help to a 200-250 member engineering team wanting to expand) looking to hire contract developers/ designers. In a nutshell, Flexiple offers: 1. Rigorously vetted developers and designers
 2. Handpicked recommendations
 3. 1-week risk-free trial period
 4. Most affordable solution (vs. other premium tech talent networks) Would love to hear your thoughts or feedback. Cheers!
Hi, everyone! I launched an Android app few weeks ago, and I'm looking for feedback! It's a dog breeds encyclopedia, with information on hundreds of dogs, pictures, etc. For now it's only available for Android, but an iOS version in on the roadmap, in case the Android one gets enough users.
Anne Burrus
thanks !! great idea
Mark Fox
Hi, thanks for this thread @abadesi Makers, what do you think, is this too simple landing page for a product I'm going to launch in a few days?
Roman Eaton
@m_a_r_k_f_o_x seems simple and direct. From the beginning, I was looking for any explanation and tried to avoid the text in the center. But then I had to read it and it is quite clear from the text what the TUEPE is.
Walid Shaar
@abadesi @m_a_r_k_f_o_x When it comes to websites nowadays, simplicity is key, however I am afraid, in my opinion, this is too simple. Maybe have the "example newsletter" set under instead of having it on a different tab all toghether :) + maybe find a shorter easier way to describe the page (talking about the header). Hope I was constructive, good luck!
Walid Shaar
@abadesi @m_a_r_k_f_o_x Oh and also have "Teupe" written down somewhere on the website, I cant see it!
Mark Fox
@walid_shaar Thank you for the feedback, maybe I should place the search input in the center of the page so visitors can search and see some examples.
Mark Fox
@walid_shaar If I move the search input to the center I will definitely add the website name next to logo.
Kate Skavish
Hello, Makers! plans to launch our open API, which will allow SaaS products and websites to add robust video editing components ( 30+ video formats, 200M free video assets, hundreds of templates, etc. ) free and with just a few lines of code. More information here: Please sign up or email me directly if interested in talking and learning more. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Kate and team
Abhinav Sohani
Hi Everyone, We recently updated our landing page. The work is still in progress, but we would love to hear your feedback. Thanks, Abhinav
Irma Mesa
@abhinavsohani Abhinav, awesome work here on the landing page. The only thing I'd improve is creating a custom voiceover instead of an automated voice over for your promo video. Humans enjoy and connect more by hearing the voice of another human and may help convert more leads.
Abhinav Sohani
@_justirma Thanks a lot for the feedback. You are right, a real human voice will have a lot more impact. We will get it done as soon as we have some budget.
Walid Shaar
@abhinavsohani I have not seen your previous website. However, I can say this one is great. I understood what the page is for 2 seconds into it, and I love how you are trying to grow the "MAKE" saying :)
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
@abhinavsohani this is awesome page. maybe highlight this sentence "Create Facebook ads, Instagram stories, Presentation videos, and more"
@abhinavsohani great dear. I'm having headache with creating video for marketing campaigns for my startup. Your product totally fits in well with what I'm looking for
Bola Kale
Thank you @abadesi and Hello everyone on ProductHunt. We would like to get some feedback on our new travel platform located and that we are launching soon. Vacation is a new travel platform that will enable nomads, travelers and adventurers to find and book where to stay, what to do and dine socially with friends around the world, while enabling hosts to share their cribs, adventures and delicious food with nomads and travelers.
Roman Eaton
@bolakal28028114 hello Bola. Your idea looks great. I have some notes if you please about your landing. 1. Photos are vertically formated 2. All prices are with .00, what is the reason? you have no prices with cents. 3. "No more data" message after the list is loaded. If the list is fully loaded there, I would like to see no content/button or other messages below the list. That makes sense that everything is loaded.
Walid Shaar
@abadesi @bolakal28028114 Honestly, I love it. First of all, white spaces well respected, very soothing to the eye. Second, all the main features that you are supposed to do on the website are right there when you open the page, straight to the point! and above that suggested and featured areas. Job well done!
Eric Vanular
Thanks @abadesi Hi Makers! We're in the midst of launching Collective.Energy, a community for collaboratively developing and launching climate solutions. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis. Collective.Energy is a response to the statement, "I don’t know what I can do to help". The site launched on Hacker News ( last week where it was featured on the front page. We will be launching here on Product Hunt very soon 👀 Collective.Energy Link: The target audience is tech-savvy people who feel like they should be doing more to fight climate change. You can help by constructively critiquing the landing page, site layout, and focus. You would also be doing us a solid by signing up and by participating in the discussions going on over there. We are absolutely looking for beta users. Thanks!
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
@abadesi @ericvanular I love the cause and idea, but not sure if the upvoting website can work. Maybe something like this might work 1. enter some information 2. get an action to do, join others 3. share that 4. get another action. 5. save the planet and maybe a badge
Eric Vanular
@ebrahimkhalil Appreciate your feedback. I think you're right that more iterative features need to be built in. It's going on the backlog!