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Pomodus is part productivity & focus tool and part interruption killer. The goal is to give people a framework for planning their day and focusing while keeping interruptions at bay by leveraging Slack to communicate that they’re busy and when they'll be done.
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Hello Product Hunt: In a world that has gone mad with interruptions, notifications and distractions of all kinds, our goal was to give you the ability to re-take control of your productivity and expand the amount of focus time you have so that you can not only get things done, but experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with doing so. My name is Robert Zalaudek; I'm the CEO of TwoTonic Labs, the makers of Pomodus. Pomodus is a combination of productivity and focus tool coupled with the ability to reduce interruptions by leveraging an integration with Slack. Pomodus is free. Subscriptions only kick in when you reach certain thresholds. Watch the video, try it and share your feedback below. We're grateful for the support we've received from those of you who subscribed to our upcoming product page and all those who have given us feedback and encouragement. Please keep it coming.
@robert_zalaudek congratulations on the launch of Pomodus. This is really a nice tool to become more productive. I am practicing "Pomodoro Technique" and it's really helpful for me.
@malik_tauqeer Thank you so much. I really appreciate the support!
@robert_zalaudek Congratulations, great product that is needed to keep us focused and eliminate interruptions and distractions.
@mjarrar Thank you very much, Max. I appreciate the support. Let's connect on Zoom or in person in the coming week. I'm more available Thursday, Friday and next week. You?
Great product, thanks Robert ! The idea to integrate Slack is géniale 🙌🏻 I would become directly a paid user if you connect Product Hunt Maker's goal tool and Pomodus (through the API ? ) 😁
@johan_bavaud Thanks for the support and feedback!
@johan_bavaud ... interesting idea! Looks like the ProductHunt API is "not be used for commercial purposes" though. I wonder if such an integration would apply to that.
@robert_reppel "The Product Hunt API must not be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use it for your business, please contact us at hello@producthunt.com." Just a mail would give you more information. Let me know if you integrate it because I am really interested and that could be easy for you to get your first paid user through PH community. Just my 2cts 😁
Going to intro this to my team of data scientists -- exactly what's needed to reduce distractions, increase velocity and improve workplace morale. Thanks.
@nicolas_pepin That would be amazing. Thanks for the support. Let us know if we can help in any way!
Congrats on the launch Rob! excited to see you guys made it happen!
@beier_cai Thanks so much. Appreciate the support.
awesome product 🔥
@kerr Thanks. Glad that you like it!