Disney+ officially launched today. Will you pay for another streaming service?

Taylor Majewski
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Yes. It's Disney!
I'm not sure yet


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Although @suzywillow and I are already subscribed to Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, at $6.99/month Disney+ is an easy purchase. I'm very curious about the new Star Wars series. 🤔
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@suzywillow @rrhoover Or you could do the Disney bundle thing and get ESPN+ for -$1/mo!
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If they would open to more regions, I would. Not accessible where I am, as compared to Netflix. I also don't see value in their catalog as I own most of the items they have
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I have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Mubi and I have to admit I'm pretty excited for Disney+, so many classics.
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If you have kids at home anywhere from Disney Jr age to Star Wars / Marvel fans and any disposable income for this kind of entertainment, this is a must.
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I have heard from people who tried it (in the Netherlands since they got it earlier) that there is not much content. So I guess unless you are a fan of Disney classics (I personally don't like watching content over and over again) it won't be this attractive right now. However, the $6.99 will kind of disable the value-based thinking and make people just add it to their list of subscriptions.
Isn't it a good time to have an aggregator service, which let's you watch either Netflix, Disney, ... only one at a time, at a slightly higher price of $10, but cheaper than individual subscriptions?
@kaug I think we will have to wait for that. Right now we're at the end of a sort of golden age when everything was available in one place (Netflix). The trend is now to split apart in multiple services and I'm guessing it'll be some time until what you're suggesting appears.
@kaug This is one space whether I feel that competition should not be very high ( or like you said, there should be an aggregation service). If there are so many streaming services and exclusive rights to tv shows by one particular service, then users end up paying much more.
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Not yet but I'll might when the star wars content comes out.
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Skip a single lunch at Sweetgreen and you’ll make your kid happy for an entire month
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Depends on whether it's available in Canada or not. We have Netflix now. My wife is a stunt performer and actor so she gets subscriptions for business and I get them for pleasure 🐱‍🏍🎞
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Come for the Mandalorian, stay for everything else.
And then there will be a service that bundles them all together... Netflix 2.0
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@gabef Cable 2.0*
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As the dad of a toddler it's an easy yes. I've spent over $100 this past year on purchasing digital versions of some of my favorite Disney movies from my childhood to watch with my son. Assuming a steady stream of watchable originals to add on to the already incredible catalogue titles, I'll likely be a lifetime subscriber.
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Once they released it in South East Asia region, I can give it a try. Until then it's just Netflix for me :)
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It's hard to say no with their massive lineup, especially with their debut of 'The Mandalorian'.
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Disney and Hulu for $13 is fine. I don't think of Amazon Prime Video as an expense, just something that comes free with Amazon Prime (internet's Costco inasmuch). Netflix for shows and such.
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It is not available for my region neither (Chile). But I am interested in the content for children, and overall content focused on education; Netflix is still lacking in these categories.
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Yes definitely and I also have a Netflix account. Unfortunately the catalog is really poor in NZ... And the equivalent to Netflix in this area of the world are terrible. So I'm actually happy Disney+ is going live, I'll now have access to the whole Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars/21st Century Fox catalog for a cheaper price than Netflix.
My grandchildren will miss
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I'd love to watch some of their movies with my children; mainly the ones I watched when I was a kid.
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It depends on the content.