Do you think it's pronounced "GIF or "JIF"?

Taylor Majewski
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Contraversial! Someone told me the inventor of the term says 'jif' even though most folks use 'gif' and that really threw me. Up to that point I assumed it was a hard g at the front.
@rhs he is?! but how could the inventor of gif be anything less than a demiGod?! hehe
@rhs hahaha how have I never seen that? Thanks Russell!!
Jeremy Knedler
@abadesi @rhs Well he is clearly wrong! LOL ;) Just having to use a different spelling to explain it should be a clue that he made the wrong decision. Moving on, is it really Lady Ja Ja??? I've spent 20 years saying Gif and I'm not changing now.
Rafael Ceja
I don't care what people say it's pronounced "gif"
Mark Rieck
I know it's pronounced JIF but I pronounce it GIF anyway
Ethan Frame
Don't care what the founder/creator/inventor will always be GIF in my head.
Julie Gauthier
It's "jif". When you invent your own file format, you get to decide what it's called.
@juliegauthier2 let's invent our own file format and make it start with a silent Q 😅
Sekhar Chandra
Many keyboards have been destroyed in about this very own issue. Perhaps, many more keyboard warriors spirits crushed recklessly...,
Jonathan Yagel
What a jift to humanity
Allan Revah
Patrcik Armstong
well....depends on what you think
Patrcik Armstong
im with a HARD g👍😜👍
Steve Marchese
The story goes that at the time the devs working on the project would say “choosy developers choose gifs,” and reference to the old Jif peanut butter slogan (“choosy Moms choose Jif.”
Nathan A. Cleveland
One wouldn’t say, “Be there in a giffy,” would one 😂
Mark Branly
Of course it's pronounced "JIF" because it's short for Giraffe-ics Interchange Format.
Claudio Weinstein (meATclaudioweinsteinC
Jif is peanut butter- Don't mess with peanut butter.
I'm sticking with jif, so there...
Matt Lintz
G is fro graphics not jraphics
David Singer
Anyone who falls under the "hard g for graphics" reasoning better say "jay-feg" 😁 JIF forever!
Brian Price
@singer uh, you must mean, Jaypeg? Silly, person.
Paul Eiche
I am the only one on my team to pronounce it "jif"... and I will never give in.