POLL: Are you a fan of AirPods? Tell us why in your replies.

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It seems like AirPods are a bit like Marmite - you either love them or hate them. While they hurt my ears after I wear them for too long and the sound quality doesn't compare to my over ear Sennheiser I still love my AirPods for days where I'm doing lots of calls on the move or working out at the gym. They are incredibly intuitive and love the tap functionality. What's your view?


Taylor Wroblewski
@aaron_kazah I used to think the same thing, and now I've owned both versions 1 and 2...and gave the old ones to my GF so didn't lose them!
Calum Webb
They're soooo convenient! Definitely not going to win any awards for sound quality, but if I'm going from A to B, doing laundry or anything like that, throwing my Airpods in my ears to listen to my music wire-free is fantastic!
@calum Agree - the freedom of movement they give is a revelation! they are my first ever wireless headphones.
Julie Chabin
I love my AirPods. First of all, they do not hurt my ears when I wear them for a long time. They fit perfectly and stay there even when I train, which was my main concern, I thought I'd lose them and I never have. The sound is good for earpods.
Russell Brown
I have a more loving relationship with them now that I only use them for conference/video/phone calls and listening to podcasts while running around doing errands. I love that they don't really block outside noise and that they kind of effortless hang in my ear, even if it means they might fall out from time to time. Their battery life is pathetic. Their out of the box performance is good, but after about 18 months of use the batter life quickly goes to about 40% - 50% of factory new. Very disappointing considering their exorbitant cost. I'm sure these AirPods cost about $6 a piece to make so I'd be okay buying a new pair once a year if they weren't so overpriced. My daily music wear are Sennheiser True Wireless buds. They make the AirPods sounds like garbage (and should for the price), but the microphone quality in the AirPods is still hands down the easy winner!
@russbrown00 Sennheiser are so good! I have a pair of over the ears I use on journeys and to listen to music when I can't play it aloud. I haven't tried their True Wireless buds though.
Alfonso C. Betancort
@russbrown00 I have a wired Bowers & Wilkins Monitors headphones, they are really good, I will never use wireless headphones to listen to lossless compressed or simply uncompressed music.
Jordan Lejuwaan
The sound quality is sub-par because they don't fit snuggly. I much prefer the Jabra Elite 65t's
Vladimir Kusnezow
Tried the earpods, but I absolutily didnt like them. That poor sound for that price, nope. But I love my Bose Soundsport Free.
@vladimirkusnezo ooh I've always wanted to own Bose headphones... maybe one day. I heard they are making noise cancelling headphones you can sleep in.
@vladimirkusnezo i missed that story! well at least they tried... i was sceptical because I couldn't imagine them being very comfortable
Alfonso C. Betancort
@vladimirkusnezo Bose isn’t any good for listening music, wireless, wired, headphones or speakers... They are good if you want to watch an action movie though but for nothing else.
Claribel Sanchez
they fall often and riding Nyc train while listening to podcasts is a joke. I often now just wear one at a time because of battery and fear of losing them. Wished that if no sound was playing and 1 of them falls out, an alert sound would still play.
Chi-Wai Li
Doesn't seem to fit my ears, poor sound quality and no noise cancellation :(
Britain Green
I love my AirPods. I have tried other wireless earbuds but they all block out sound and I want to be aware of my surroundings. That's the #1 feature for me.
Borys Pawliczak
I really like them for commuting (lack of noice canceling is a feature in this case) but the mic is breaking quite easly with just a bit of water and that is so ridiculous for this price.
@boria Mine have been quite sturdy even during workouts... do you keep yours in most of the day? I only use mine periodically.
I'm rocking my QC35s like it's 1999 because I'm not nearly responsible enough with small things to own airpods. Keys give me enough anxiety as is 😅
@eve_hammond yes I know what you mean - I resisted buying them for a while for this reason but then my friend showed me the keyring she bought to keep her AirPods in and I bought that and *never* let myself leave them anywhere except in there or in my ears.
Aman Manik
I think their killer feature is the automatic pairing. They did an amazing job leveraging hardware and software to replicate any experience of the alternative (putting wired headphones in - you just put them in).
@amanik yes! I agree with that point, popping them in and hearing duh-ding instantly... I can't even get my Bluetooth speakers to connect to my devices that fast when I manually pair them!
Gerardo Torres
Bose's QC35 are a godsend! Specially love them on a plane.
Tom Merkle
The only reason I don't love them is that they always fall out of my ears! Although this is definitely a "me" problem. Sigh...
@tom_merkle They should make them in different sizes, like how other earphones come with different size rubber outer pieces.
Laux Andrew
Since I do most of my work in cafes I have been looking into purchasing new headphones. I am more interested in something that is noise cancelling and that prioritizes audio quality so I reduce the volume of noise going in my ear (and potentially damaging my ear drums).
Andy Dent
My wife and I are on a long European holiday in a somewhat fractious relationship - she's the sole breadwinner supporting a startup founder who's only just launched a product after a couple of years of non-earning struggle. Using AirPods, we've found a new way to connect by easily sharing music whilst we're walking around some amazing places in Croatia. They make it so easy to share whilst walking together, with the flexibility to tackle uneven trails and be a few feet apart.
@andydentperth1 what a beautiful story! I'm so glad you found this amazing way to use them to connect on your travels. I can totally relate to that feeling of being the non-earner as you bootstrap. Its a crazy life yet we live it!
I love my AirPods. First of all, they do not hurt my ears when I wear them for a long time. They fit perfectly and stay there even when I train, which was my main concern, I thought I'd lose them and I never have. The sound is good for earpods.
Shangata Afsana
Obviously i like a lot 🤘 While there are plenty of people using the AirPods for fitness, that isn’t what they’re made for. If you want to hit the gym with true wireless ‘buds, check out the PowerBeats Pro. These have an IPX4 certification to protect against sweat, 10 hours of constant playback, and of course the around-ear hook design to keep these in place while you move around.