Aaron Kazah

Aaron Kazah



Software Developer and Anime Enthusiast.aaronkazah.com

Maker’s goals
  1. Go through each page on the product page and ensure everything works correctly

    Vadim Sinichenko
    Karming Chin
    Ferenc Forgacs
  2. Finish designing and developing all marketing pages.

    Robert Gourley
    Joël Kai Lenz
    Mané Karen
Last month
  1. Simplify the dashboard and create a simple onboarding process for users..

    Amit Bendor
    Pinku kumar Gautam
    Dan Edwards
Earlier this year
  1. django-tinyblog: Design mobile screen for articles page

    Denis Shershnev
    Dmitriy Dubovetzky
  2. django-tinyblog: Design search component

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