One-Person Marketing Department 🤷‍♂️📈; When do you know you need to "scale up" ?

Gabriel Bujold
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I'm a one person marketing department and it's going fine, but I'm wondering ways to be more efficient. Also, I'm wondering when will be the right moment to scale my team since I'm starting to get a little bit swamped. Thanks!


Nick Hanoian
I like to frame decisions like this in terms of opportunity cost. You can start by thinking about what you'd be doing with your time if you hired an employee. If the new employee would write all your copy or find photos for all your posts, what high value thing would you be doing more of? You just want to make sure that if you're adding a significant expense, you understand what the return on that investment will be. If you're investing in marketing, it's fairly easy to set clear goals for your new hire in terms of leads generated so ROI calculations are relatively simple. How many customers does the new role need to add to your sales pipeline to justify their salary?
Gabriel Bujold
@nick_hanoian Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I believe I have some calculations to do about this situation.
Pavel Shkliaev
It all depends on the metrics. What are your daily workload metrics?
Gabriel Bujold
@pavel_shkliaev It depends. Since we're a startup, I'm mixing marketing tasks & general tasks to help around. I think I should try to automate the best I can our processes and if I still unable to achieve the amount of workload I'm shooting for, I could start looking at an intern.