Who's working on a weekend project?

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Hi Makers! Anyone working on a weekend project? Let's cheer each other on. I've had a ton of photos printed so my weekend project is putting them into albums 😊


Tai Le
I'm here to give motivate to whoever need it! Cheer!!! Anyways, I back to my book...
@t_le what are you reading at the moment?
Tai Le
@abadesi I'm reading startup books, trying to learn as much as I can before I really launch my business :D
@t_le nice! I really enjoyed reading Ben Horowitz, The Hard Thing About Hard Things when I was in a similar stage to you :)
Durga Subash
Awesome, my weekend is not yet started. im planning to make a watercolor painting
@durga_subash I love watercolors! What will you paint?
Mubashar Iqbal
Recording the first episode of my podcast this weekend! Very excited to see how this turns out.
@mubashariqbal wow so cool what's your focus?
Andrew Tye
@mubashariqbal connected with Pod Hunt or something different?
Mubashar Iqbal
@abadesi The main focus is documenting my process of making side projects, a few more details: https://practical.fm/
Mubashar Iqbal
@awt Will be related to podcasting, but not directly Pod Hunt. I'm keeping the first project a secret until the episode, but the podcast will go into detail for my process of building side projects.
Ryan Hoover
@abadesi printed photos! Old school. 😀 No side projects for me this weekend. My good friends, Jimmy and Steph, are getting married.
Andrew Tye
I love physical photo albums! But haven't made any for years 😟 Nothing extra this weekend...I do the same thing every weekend
Meet Chopra
Working on Prosper this weekend. Solving the customer queries.
Calum Webb
You've inspired me to go ahead and buy a polaroid camera I've been mulling over after hearing about your photo albums! Sounds like fun!
Usama Khalid
🙋 Just finished working on my side project Contentdrips. Will launch it on PH in few days.
Edison Espinosa
I'm working on an instagram alternative. basically how instagram was back when it launched. simple and with no influencers or ads!
Gopal Kildoliya
Working on MondayMetrics https://mondaymetrics.com this weekend.
Andrew McCombe
I'm working on my side project. Got a homepage up and some Google Ads sending trafic to it. Sign-ups are trickling in so I'm taking that as validation to get the MVP started.
Rick M
🙋‍♂️I am! Working on a micro-site to provide help and (hopefully) awesome tips for speeding up your terminal usage!
Vikash Kesarwani
Working on project to serve mock APIs which can be used in development time , until the real APIs are ready. This can make the development faster and independent.
Jonas Bärtsch
✋shipping a ▲nextjs landingpage soon WIP here https://pliik-pliik.pliik-dev.no...
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Getting ready for the BIG DAY! yes, we are planning to launch on wednesday.
Perfect Makanju
As part of improving my knowledge and experience with rust lang, this weekend, I'll be porting this library here: https://github.com/musnit/socket... to rust. Already, getting good results.
Rogerio Taques
Yes, yes! Testing 3o2.co v3 to ship (probably) on next week. Changing some minor stuff on MailShield (mailshld.com) and ...
Eli Livshitz
Yes! Making a unique url shortner for vanity urls...