How do you avoid distractions at work?

Artem Galenko
21 replies
Do you use any apps to settle this problem?


I like using Pomodoro timer on my Mac or Forest app on my phone when I'm struggling to concentrate but honestly I always find a way to get it done. Being able to work flexibly really helps with that. I can work when I'm most productive and manage my free time and breaks.
Lisa Popovici
I don't use any app. I like to listen to music and fully concentrate on my tasks for the day. Don't get me wrong, I get distracted a lot, but I try to keep my phone on silent and not in my visual field.🤓
Ujjwal Chaturvedi
I just put my headphones on play thug life songs from snoopdog and work on my product
Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
I don't use any apps. But these are my goto: 1. Gamify my to-dos for the day, especially in the afternoon when food coma starts kicking in. 2. Put on the noise cancellation headphone with no music just as a signal to everyone else. 3. DND on iphone and mac. 4. Take a walk or sit another place if too much is going on. 5. If I notice there is an internal distraction (emotional kind), I make a note and take that up in therapy next.
Vita Benes
I use my own extension Deprocrastination to block distracting sites until noon, then from 12.20-4PM and 4.20-8PM. Those chunks of uninterrupted time allow me to dive into problems without distractions. I've remove all social media except Instagram (not an issue for me) from both my phone and my tablet. That keeps me productive.
Tai Le
I choose the way to live with distractions instead of avoiding it. When I been distracted for any reason, I try to re-focus as quick as possible. Of course it would take time to get used to it but the result is far more than expected!
Kondrat Yukov
App that then lead to distraction again?
Artem Galenko
@kondrat_yukov not really. maybe something that can help you to understand/avoid/prevent before you have started your daily routine
Magnus Eklund Thuné
As chief of Production i get distracted alot. Tried a few apps. Didnt work at all, it was more like an opposite effect. Best for me is to catch up 2-3 hours of work at home spending only like 45mins to 1h. But i guess it's individual what actually works.
Youssef KH
warm up bro! you watch some video to have fun then do a small task then do a bigger one and so on! everything on the warmups!!
punchlist + chillhop soundtrack on youtube + time blockers on calendar
Archie Hicklin
I use musicForProgramming(); and caffeine. Honestly haven't found a better legal combo.
Yusuf Giftworks
Staying isolated seems to work best. At least for me :)
Eugene Lorenc
Headphones with ambient piano. If I tired of piano I listen to white noise sounds. And I have a badge with "DO NOT TALK TO ME!" sign :)
Sumit Dabas
I choose to close my eyes for 5min n concentrate on breath. Best way to meditate n increase concentration too
s- -u
moi ,j 'ecoute la musique classique etrangement je suis bcp plus concentrer sur ce que je fais et du coup plus productif aussi...(je prcise que je suis + orienté musique electronique normalement ...j'en compose également...)