Turn your browser into a calm, lean productivity machine

#4 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2019
The browser wasn't designed to be a productive environment and it's too easy to get side-tracked, distracted and demotivated.
We transform it into a creative and productive space for writers, developers, designers and other browser-working professionals.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Uncanny timing, as I was just sitting on the couch looking through World Radio browser and 127 open tabs of inspiring future projects, while justifying being late on work I'm actually paid for. Good job on the app, let you guys know later if I'm cured or not..
@dogzsnoop Thanks, hope it helps!
Hi Product Hunters! My business partner and I used to go down YouTube rabbit holes at 10 AM and it used to take us 3 hours to actually get to work, but with the use of our own extension we stopped checking every possible site in the morning and started actually chipping away at our goals. Distraction is one of the main causes of procrastination. We looked at the current solutions and thought we could create something new - a browser-first, game-like tool that would not only track distractions, but also help you become more and more focused over time. The extension we built is helping us every day to be less erratic and distracted, and more focused. Give it a try if opening new Twitter or email tab is too tempting! PS: Feedback very much appreciated!
@vitabenes Congrats on the launch!!
Cleaver! Hey, I'll welcome anything at this point, good luck! @patrickpool AKA @dogzsnoop
I really like it. My feedback is when you go to one of the blocked sites, make the notification more prominent. Other than that great app!
@troyholloday Thanks! At the moment, we're using the Chrome/Firefox notifications, but we could also add a redirect to a different site.
@vitabenes okay, I think you should probably redirect to a special page on your website with tips, tricks, stuff like that to stay on course.
@troyholloday Thanks, we can do that.