Do you know any mindblowing referral program for SaaS?

Artem Galenko
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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
In the UK right now Bolt a taxi service will give you £6 off your next ride for referring a friend - pretty good!
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@abadesi sounds interesting
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Sure, try the EngageBay affiliate/referreal program. Flat 30% recurring commissions for each paid sign-up till s/he pays. Here's the link:
CMO at Sales.Rocks
@unrealartemg we were working at Sales.Rocks on a referral program also for trial users. Every new Freemium user can invite a colleague, or a person that would find the platform useful and both of them, the referrer and the invited would get extra credits to spend getting b2b data from our SaaS platfrom. It's actually helping us get more feedback, but also give new users more value.
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@jana_c very nice