AFFILIATE PROGRAM💰 ; A good or bad thing to get traction for your tech startup?

Gabriel Bujold
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As a growth marketer, I'm testing a handful of traction channels and I'm wondering if some of you guys have some good or bad experience with affiliate program. I'm saying affiliate and not referral because we're giving away a commission and the people we're targeting don't need to be a user of our product.


Olga Kazmina
@bujold19 Hi Gabriel! I think affiliate program is a nice move (as well as referrals). It takes some preparation to take off, but definitely worth it. We just launched and I had a huge organic traffic because of referrals and affiliates. 1) Try to understand who your affiliates are (basically treat them as one of the audiences in your marketing plan) and give them smth more then a commission. Let's say you want IT blogs to refer your product – build content which can be easily integrated into their media. These small add-ons help a lot. 2) Make a progressive commission structure (the growing bonus for more traffic) – they earn more with more traffic. 3) Give them nice references on the amount they can earn.