How do you encourage yourself to keep moving forward in your entrepreneurial endeavours?

David Jeremiah Fuimaono
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I’ve found listening to podcasts, audiobooks, reading books, watching inspiring videos and movies, especially of founders and people who were courageous enough to chase their dreams, and meeting with like-minded people who are doing similar things, are just a few of the main things that bring tremendous encouragement and are extremely value.


Vikki Gandhi
I really enjoy listening to podcasts such as My First Million! It's inspiring and provides a lot of wonderful resources - in fact, I heard about Product Hunt through an episode!
@vikkigandhi so cool you found us through that! I listened to Arlan's interview with @rrhoover, too and really enjoyed it.
For me, the pain of any other alternatives is what motivates me. I've tried adopting pacifist and conventional MOs but none of them are compatible with my inner *need* to at least try to make a difference at scale. Not to suggest that "attempting to move forward" is painless, but it's less emotionally agonizing than "not trying", if that makes any sense.
Dima Grossman
Surrounded with fellow makers and entrepreneurs definitely the biggest one for me. Being a maker is hell of a rollercoaster each day goes by. Having the support from friends and family and the passion of creating new stuff is the strongest motivator I have.
@dima_grossman Yes totally agree -- this is really important!
For me spending time with other founders and talking through challenges is really helpful. Also making sure I leverage my support network outside work: friends and partners to keep me sane.
Vita Benes
What inspires me most: personal momentum and my belief in the ability to deliver. What helps me generate momentum: long bike rides/walks, occasional podcast or book, finding painful problems. What reinforces my belief in my ability to deliver: shipping. It's after 12PM and I've already shipped an update to Deprocrastination and wrote an article on how to get the most out of the extension. I shipped an update to the extension yesterday as well and shipped a new feature on Wednesday.
Nenad Lukic
I just feel like work is forcing you to work on something you would probably not in your free time, and during my career I found many different issues I would like to work on solving. I've tackled solving a problem and it felt satisfying, using my own preferred tech stack (no frontend framework, no bloat), using all of the tools I've learned to use to increase quality and productivity, and it gave birth to Mockadillo which is now my baby. I feel tremendous satisfaction watching it work, watching people use it, and actually using it in my day to day work. I think my creativity is my drive to move forward.
Kamlesh Meghwal
Surround yourself with like minded people, cut out all negativity and stay focussed.
New here. Sugar and coffee. Sometimes I look around and tell my self wow I have it all. And then, I continue to work. Roof. Food. Air. I'm lucky to have the opportunities at my finger tips. Controlling my inner voice keep me going.