Why did you choose to embrace entrepreneurship?

David Jeremiah Fuimaono
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Great question - would love to hear your answer David! For me it was a number of reasons (1) craving total ownership of the value of my output (2) feeling an urgent need to solve a problem that affected me (3) feeling responsible for improving the world and my future.
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
@abadesi Thank you for sharing. I have very similar reasons to yours. When I look back on my childhood, I knew when I was 9 years old that “when I got older I wanted to be a successful businessman,” even though I didn’t quite know what that even meant, or my reasons for wanting to devote my life to being a successful entrepreneur. In fact would take another two plus decades to find my “Why.” I would say my main reasons are: 1) I realize now more than ever that if you want to solve most problems in the world, entrepreneurship is the way to make that happen. Governments are often too big and slow to make the quick and effective changes that an entrepreneur can make on both a micro and macro scale. 2) My vision, goals, and dreams are so vast, that it’s practically impossible to accomplish them as an employee 3) I really want to help people, and I think the best way for me to do that at scale with my interests, strengths, and values, is as an entrepreneur. As I’ve gone throughout my life and had thousands of conversations with people trying to get a read on what the average person is struggling with, i.e. common pain points, I was inspired to build what I am working on now. For my first big venture, I’m building an online school that helps people to develop life skills for the the modern world, with the focus on the following areas: 1. Personal Development 2. Career Guidance 3. Entrepreneurship 4. Finance. I realize the longer I wait to build what I envision, the more people will continue to lose hope, and struggle to survive let alone thrive in the world. Therefore, as visionary and leader, despite any fears, doubts, and concerns, I have an obligation, duty, and a responsibility to make my vision a reality in the world.
Hanna Barzakouskaya
It's easy to answer for me. In general, it should sound like I see a pain point and didn't find somebody else who started to solve it. To be more precise, I dislike the current focus of our medicine. As a patient, I don't want to wait for a serious disease to get a perfect treatment, I want to avoid diseases as much as possible based on the current state of preventive medicine. Because of all of these, I even worked in Fitbit for 3 years and despite the fact that Fitbit is doing a good job around this it's not enough. A variety of different medical organizations create clear preventive instructions, update and educe them but it takes ages before implementation started. And it made me think and act.
@anna_panchenko I love that! You identified a gap in the market and now you're building a solution for that?
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
@anna_panchenko Thank you for sharing. Your journey is very inspiring, and it is clear you feel strongly about what you are doing. Keep up the great effort and work!
Siddhant Sharma
I don't know a lot about entrepreneurship as I just started embracing and learning, but here's my take on this. Being an Entrepreneur for me is like getting kicked in the balls every day. But sitting in your comfort zone in a corporate job is like getting waterboarded. You will feel secure but not satisfied. I had experiences with both and to be honest I like the pain :) In a corporate job, you will get security. You will join the company and retire at a certain age. That like life you are born, you live, and you die. However, in Entrepreneurship, you will get kicked, you will get success, you have your Ups and Downs. Here, you are going to live every day and you are going to die every day. It’s kind of like having a crush over somebody, you gonna enjoy every moment of it.
@siddhant_sharma2 incredibly visceral description! What about the in between? e.g. having a job but also pursuing entrepreneurship? Have you ever been tempted to try both?
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
@siddhant_sharma2 Great analogies. I’ve not been in a typical corporate environment as a white collar, but have spent time in a massive organization (military) where entrepreneurial skills were not as valued, at least in my vocation. Glad you’re embracing entrepreneurship. Keep getting after it!
anthony putra
Having worked as a professional, following other people's passion & leadership resonates with me, but never at a 100%. I always feel that there's some things I disagree with or don't see eye to eye with. That's why I tried creating my own path.
Simone Zienna
I always try to better myself and learn new things but I also wanted to find a way to improve people's lives and the community overall. I believe only entrepreneurship takes away any limitations for improvement (but sometimes also failure) while providing you with purpose to give back to society. On a lighter note, I might also not take directions and orders from others too well, so I guess not having a supervisor or boss is a plus :D