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Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Monika Ben
Hi everyone! We just launched Payment Pages - a way for small brick & mortar businesses to collect payments online. For many businesses getting paid online is the only way of getting paid right now so we wanted to make it easy, quick and commission-free. Have a look:
Martin Behrens
@monika_ben Beautiful webpage and a very interesting product! I definitely need to keep updated about this. The editor looks really user friendly. Like it!
Samantha Robinson
@monika_ben I love the landing page. Your product is something that I know i would use! also how are you able to get the vid upload I have tired everything and I can't seem to figure it out.
Joshua Tabansi
Hi Everyone! How's everyone hanging during this madness? I'd love to get some feedback on my public beta release to see to see if what I need to improve on. Wangll is an Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) and goal tracking solution for remote teams. It helps you build highly effective teams by putting goals at the heart of everything they do. Ensuring clarity of expectations with specific targets and deadlines. Why Wangll? There aren't affordable tools to manage OKRs. Few platforms and high costs are sending many to Trello for the bandaid. But as you try to dive deeper into OKRs and the structure around them the Trello bandaid comes off. So I built Wangll as an affordable solution designed specifically for OKRs, with a simple UI that encourages collaboration. Check out the website here: Also you can sign up for free here: If you actually like it and end up using it, it will be free forever for anyone signing up now ❤️ Thanks!
Emmanuel Hadoux
@tabansi Hey, it looks great. Do you see an application for very small teams where there is basically no overlap in objective and purpose? The whole collaborative tracking becomes less relevant, right?
Joshua Tabansi
@emmanuelhadoux Absolutely, it all boils down to who is responsible for what? And how well are we moving on said responsibilities. I guess what I could do is design it in a way that allows for flattening that structure a bit?
Ram Patra
@tabansi great work! 👏 Love the style and feel. Pretty slick. Did you use any UI template or you did the entire UI by yourself? Just FYI: the privacy policy link is broken.
Nemanja Srećković
@tabansi Love the landing page look! By the way on my 13" laptop, with current browser size of 1237px, image on the right overlaps text under "Smash your company goals this quarter" title.
Joshua Tabansi
@joyeeta_das1 Glad to hear that! Please go ahead, I'm also available to help onboard your team if needed as well!
Eugene Kudashev
I would love to hear your feedback on my recent project. These days it's increasingly hard to keep track of the days of the week. So this website reminds you what day of the week it is today. Please have a look: Thank you!
Monika Ben
@eugenekudashev I love this with all my heart. Can't wait for the podcast! Always wanted to learn more about Tuesdays.
Eugene Kudashev
@monika_ben Thank you so much! Would you like to make a guest appearance on the podcast and maybe share some fun Monday facts?
Monika Ben
@eugenekudashev I'm more of a Tuesday expert but I'm always looking to further venture into expanding my niche.
Mirantha Jayathilaka
Hi everybody! We just launched Graphically - a site providing design services to get your own cartoon portraits. We are little more than 50 happy customers strong now and looking to learn more as we grow. Check us out: Cheers! - Yours Graphically
Martin Behrens
@mirantha_jayathilaka This looks interesting. But I think it's hard to accept the price given on the website without a real feeling on the exact outcome if I upload my own picture there. But nervertheless: always wantd to have a cartoon version of me. Maybe I should give it a try :)
Mirantha Jayathilaka
@martin_behrens Thanks a lot for that great insight! I see your point and surely I will have a chat with the team about our pricing strategy. In the meantime, here is an exclusive coupon if you want to try the service 20% off :D - GFP40 Thank you!
Elvira Parpalac
@mirantha_jayathilaka great idea! I like to use personal avatar instead of my real photo on some web sites. you have +1 approve from me))
Anna Grigoryan
Hi everyone! I'm working on Community Finder for a month now (already posted one version to one of this threads). https://community.engineeringrow... Community Finder is a platform where people can discover online communities based on their interests. I already have 100 communities posted on the website, distributed in 25 categories. I hope this platform will help people to connect with peers and get the support they need during these times. Community Finder is also featured in Makers Festival. Would love to listen to your feedback!
Sebastian Tamayo
@angrigoryan__ Hi Anna, I really like this idea. I frankly don't know what communities exist out there and I could use some help finding some good ones. Some feedback I would have is that it seems that the product is inside an iFrame, which doesn't seem natural. Also the filtering and sorting is kinda complex, it could be more user friendly. Cheers, Sebastian
Emmanuel Hadoux
Hello peeps, thanks @aaronoleary for the thread! With the current situation, I find it harder than ever to close deals and have meaningful meetings with people. Most of it comes from the non-verbal cues that aren't transmitted over the phone, or barely on Zoom or Hangout. Also, a lot is usually achieved during the smalltalk at the beginning and at the end, but we don't have that anymore. People end the calls as soon as the meeting is over because they didn't have to commute to come see you. On top of that, a lot of people are not familiar with this whole remote working situation and don't know what to do or improve to get the most out of the meetings. For this reason, we have released the FeedbackNinja, a small tool that you add to your calendar invites and that automatically send surveys about the meeting that just happened, asking what has been achieved and what can be improved. You can also ask for personal feedback on your performance, that will be anonymously gathered and summarised for you. All of that is for free (for now), we don't sell your data or anything, we just want more productive meetings! I'd be glad to have your opinion and what we should improve or add. Thanks a lot!
Théo Marcolini
@emmanuelhadoux I have tried thefeedbackninja with my team and we are using it during our weekly wrap up meetings. It's a good way to give feedback to other team members during these important sessions where it is important that everyone is a contributor. Can't wait for more features :)
Amit Bhattacharjee
Hello everyone , we launched ProjeX today, a collaborative platform to create school, college or company projects ONLINE. visit our landing page today and request early access to use the MVP. landing Page: https://glacial-hollows-15861.he... Product: here is the demo of the working webapp
there are still a lot of things/features to implement so I'll love to know what you'd like to add. Criticism and suggestions in any aspect, are most welcome. Cheers !
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@amit_bhattacharjee At first, I love your project idea. I think that the demo is a little bit tightened. And it's interesting to have an online broadcast feature(I think that it may be very interesting especially in the current situation). But in general, everything seems very promising.
Andrey Tsarkov
Hello, product hunters! 👋 We've recently launched Pixea, the invisible image viewer: This project started as the viewer we wanted for our own team. We had few requirements, like minimalistic UI, sketch support, cause we use it heavily for mockups, and zip archives support. Cause unpacking is not the way to browse the contents of backups for us. After we were happy with the product we decided to release it to the public as a free tool. We have no plans to monetize it. Just want to get some feedback and share the app that we consider the everyday tool for us. Stay home, stay safe!
Fabian Dahlke
Hi everyone! we recently launched our early access period for Postwave (Social Media analytics for Slack teams) and would love to get some general feedback on our product as well. If your business uses Slack on a daily basis I would love to chat about your opinion and thoughts on Social Media analytics for your team. Thanks!
Daniel Gächter
We'll launch early next month and are looking for crypto beginners and veterans to test our website: Upcoming Product Hunt page: The goal is to enable people to find potentials and dangers of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. This includes two ranking systems (one automated for all coins and one manual for some chosen ones) What's your opinion? Do we meet the goal? Looking forward to your feedback! :)
Nemanja Srećković
@daniel_gaechter Hi Daniel, so as far I have understood, what you want to point out is 'Auto Score' and 'CP Score', that is the actual calculation that your products does? If that is the case, I would point that out more on landing page and define each of them, hope this helps!
Divyansh Patel
Hello Makers, Recently worked on for Makers Festival : WFH Edition. Curated background wallpapers and videos that help you teleport your zoom meetings Let me know your feedback. Votings open ✌️ -
Terry Xu
Hey Thanks Aaron for the post. I just launched today. It's a distraction-free todo list that follows Marc Andreessen's personal productivity tips.
Sebastian Tamayo
Hi, hope you're safe out there! My product is called Debtlift, its a mobile app set out to help people get out of debt faster. We're launching next month and could use help with feature prioritization, feedback, and any beta testers or subscribers would be amazing. Let me know if you would like some feedback on your product! Thanks!
Tsholo Peu Sibanyoni
@sebastianxtamayo hey love the project, not sure about the color though, it hurts my eyes. Can you explain to me a bit more about what it the app actually does. It would be so cool if it pull all existing debts of an individual and create a payment plan for them by comparing it to their income and also considering expenses such as rent, food etc..
Sebastian Tamayo
@tsholo_peu_sibanyoni Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback. Does the color hurt your eyes because it's a bit bright? The app creates a payment plan for them, love the idea about considering their budgeted expenses. We'll add that to our road map :)
Chris Wray (NurseryPeople) is a product for landscapers and nurseries. It is primarily built to help people find out where to purchase certain plants. It is difficult for them to find plants at times, and this helps connect the industry.
Sebastian Tamayo
@chris_wray Hi Chris, I'm interested in your product however I find it a bit hard to use at the moment. I'm not an expert in plants or nurseries so I really don't know what to search or what plant is what. I wish you had images of each plant and some quick click categories or most popular plants and nurseries filters. I would also like to see the nurseries on a map to know which one is closest to my home. Great work so far. Would love to hear any feedback you may have on my upcoming product: Wish you luck! Sebastian
Leon La Fargue
Hi everyone, I love the great content in the comments kindly take a minute to checkout this video i recently uploaded to my YouTube channel on the topic of ADA compliance and Website Accessibility thank's in advance.
Charles-Eugène Loubao
Hello everyone! I have launched Knaqq on ProductHunt today. Knaqq a library of free visual and educational mini books. Knaqq is a place for visual learners to find bit-sized education content on their favorite subjects. Take a look!
Robert Zalaudek
Thanks for the opportunity to share what we're doing @aaronoleary urLive is company making person-to-person and small-group communication easier and more accessible over video, audio and IM. The service can be used as a Zoom/Skype/Hangouts alternative for individuals but our initial focus is helping online and bricks-and-mortar businesses convert prospects and provide customer support. Businesses simply put up a permanent link and prospects or customers can simply click on the link and start a video call, audio call or IM to get their questions answered without having to set up an account or install any software. Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on our focus.
Yurii Aliabiev
@robert_zalaudek Interesting solution, how many people could in the small group?
Nemanja Srećković
Hi everyone! Number (3) in my case, looking for beta users for free invoicing app. I know, I know there are less stars in the sky comparing to invoicing apps, but I had to do something over the weekend, so if you are small business owner or freelancer which need the way to track invoices and generate PDFs, feel free to give it a go. You can register here - probably full of 'bugs', feel free to crash free services I use, thanks! Support email is, feel free to write if this doesn't work for you and what is needed to be amended so it does work for you :)
Tony Conte
@invoicetally @nemanja Small business owner here! Looking forward to using your app for our fintech startup. Just joined the beta 👍
Nemanja Srećković
@flyconte Hi, thanks for signup, you are first! Let me know if you need anything thanks!
Sebastian Tamayo
@invoicetally @nemanja I'd be happy to test it out, just registered. Would you be willing to be a beta tester of my upcoming product Debtlift?
Slava K
Hi Everyone! I am building standup bot for Twist app I am using Twist a lot in my company and I'd like to add some automation to our workflow. I would love to hear your feedback on the idea! Would you use it once it done? Thank you!
Tony Conte
@primazp This is a pretty great idea! Especially since my developer and I are in different time zones. Just signed up. Looking forward to using it when it's out.
Avinash Moondra
Hola everyone! Just launched Fishbowl -- a free, online version of a popular, fun, and mostly hilarious guessing game, designed for any group of all ages! You'll need 4 to play, but it only gets more fun with more players. Hop on a video call, and play through rounds of Taboo, Charades, and Password. Please try it out w/friends, and let me know if you have any feedback! Stay sane, and safe!