A todo app for today and tomorrow only

Priorities has no labels, folders, sublists, or tags. Instead, it lets you select 3 - 5 tasks that will make today great. On the next day, it clears what you marked as done and asks you for another 3 - 5 most impactful tasks. Repeat to sharpen your focus.
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Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt. Here is the backstory of why I built Priorities. It's free on iOS and Android! As a productivity novice, I used to over-organize tasks. I label everything, categorize everything, color code everything, mark items as favorites, bookmark them, create well-structured folders, keep everything neat and tidy in multiple lists. The result? I never look at it again because my 6-month plan looked too daunting on the next day. Did you have the same problem? Read on. Five years ago, I stumbled upon an article by Marc Andreessen in which he shared this simple productivity tips ( I thought, "Hey, if Marc Andreessen could get by with this simple method, maybe I don't need an advanced system." I followed the method immediately, and it is indeed the only productivity method that worked for me. In the meantime, I hoped that someone would create a minimal to-do app based on this method because I don't always take a pen with me. Instead, tons and tons of bloated to-do apps were released, with complex navigation, labels, colors, categories, lists, tags, stars, folders, and collaborators. Eventually, I realized that these apps make it easy for me to procrastinate by organizing tasks. They make me feel productive but defer the actual work. "Priorities" changes that. Every day, you mindfully choose 3 to 5 most impactful tasks that you can realistically accomplish. Then execute like crazy and do them. When a day passes, it clears the list and lets you pick new focuses for the next day. If you are an entrepreneur, you probably will resonate that your priorities change daily. Repeat this for long enough, and you'll become as effective as one can be, and be happy that you didn't procrastinate by organizing tasks or feeling stressed by a never-ending list of things you want to do someday. I am motivated to repeat the message as many times as needed, to help more people realize the truth about real productivity. "Success is the accumulation of small efforts, repeated daily." -Robert Collier
@coolnalu Congratulations on the launch! Your product might be addressing the need gap posted on my platform - 'Getting things done at individual level' - You're welcome to join the discussion to explain how your product solves their problem, for your customers to find your product easily.
Clean design, awesome!
@dcedrych Thanks Dawid for the support. For some reason the iOS PH app doesn't let me reply so I have to switch to Desktop.
Really clean design. Love the Webflow site as well!
@jordan__hughes Out of curiosity, how do you know it's a Webflow site? 😊
@dcedrych Sneaky Chrome inspect :)
@jordan__hughes Thanks. Haha I had the same question as Dawid as well.
It's an amazing app, I have it installed since you promoted it on Reddit. However, I still use TickTick and here are a few suggestions to work on and I'll happily pay $12 / year for this kind of product: (1) As Marc Andreessen suggests: 3 backlogs instead of only 1, (2) a separate List (e.g. by swiping right) which shows an "important phone calls, emails, " (3) Some ability to use it on my Mac or in Chrome/Brave (Mac App, Chrome App, Web App). Your app has the potential to become the #1 app for all those who are not interested in this massive productivity porn called GTD. Here's a brief article how I plan my day as food for thought:
@marius_schober Thanks Marius for the support. Yes, I am getting help to bring it to the Web and beyond, (I am an avid web dev but time is too limited). Followed you on Twitter. Would like to stay in touch and I agree with the potential and it gets me really excited.
The app looks good and I like your journey in building this app. I do have one question: I’m not a dev but any reason as to why the iOS app is over 100 MB?
@clarencewee Same, I'm wondering about the same thing as well
@clarencewee @liching_hoe on App Store page it displays unoptimized download size. Real size is about 60MB, which is still too big for a simple app of course. It's using Flutter and I reused some components from one of my other apps. I am looking to reduce its size but it's a trade-off between time vs file size.