Payment Pages are quick drag & drop lead pages that collect payments instead of leads. If you want to accept payments online without even hosting a website or coding integrations, Payment Pages are the most easy way to do it without repetitive manual tasks.
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👋😺 Hi Product Hunters! Thank you for checking out Payment Pages by We know businesses have tough problems to tackle right now, so we made a foolproof step by step guide to help everyone set up online payments in under an hour. Even if you don’t have a website or know how to code. Payment Pages help those who need to: ✅ Sell online without making a website ✅ Collect donations & fundraise commission-free ✅ Charge for online events ✅ Accept payments with PayPal and Stripe ✅ Calculate custom prices automatically They also come packed with useful & easy to use features like: ➡️ No added fees or commissions ➡️ Adding your branding ➡️ +100 professionally designed templates ➡️ Automating payments without sending manual invoices ➡️ Using custom URLs for your business ➡️ Real-time reports to track payments ➡️ & much more Due to the growing impact of the current pandemic on the global economy, especially small and medium businesses have an increasingly urgent need to transition their business online, enabling fast, frictionless and contactless transactions. We believe Payment Pages will help them master this shift. 📣📣📣 Use code HUNT for 25% off your first 3 months.
@vladgozman Hi Vlad, first of all thanks to you and to your team for making such a cool product. I am documenting journey of makers, creators, entrepreneurs through out the world. The goal is to do a short interview, capture it in video, and let it out to the world, so that others can get inspiration. And also, to get an acknowledgement, for you, and for your team's hustle. I would like to request you burrow 1/2-1 hour of your time, please email me at tellmeaboutit510{at} with your availability. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, and good luck! Subodh
Thanks for the offer @subodh__ I'll reach out over email ✌️
Wow, Vlad..the product looks awesome. Looking forward to hear more about how many lives it impacted during the pandemic lockdown. Will you share that in your blog?
@aditya_kandari thanks you, that's great to hear! 💚 We periodically do interviews and case studies with some of our users, so we'll make sure to also put a focus on this. Hopefully this can be of help to as many businesses as possible. ✌️
Hi Hunters! Right now for many businesses being paid at all means being paid online. Customizable payment pages on not only allow you to set it up quickly and easily, but also in an engaging way. We're curious to hear what you think about it!
Excited to be able to share this today! Here are just a few of the use cases we've been developing to help out at: Online sales for mom-and-pop stores Simple selling of digital goods Fee collection for educational institutions Digital event ticket sales for artists and organizers Commission free donations for NGOs and trusts & much more! Happy to hear your feedback!
We're happy to bring a commission free payment & donation solution to business owners and charities with no technical skills. We made it fast, easy and automated so your time goes where it's needed most. Exicted to see how you'll use it!