these days it's easy to forget what day of the week it is
this website will tell you what day it is today
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How does it know the current day?? 🤯 Where is your data coming from?? When is your series A funding starting?
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@anthemaker Hello An! I'm glad you asked! We use our proprietary technology that's based on a revolutionary combination of HTML5, blockchain and FIDO, leveraging the potential of crowdsourced effort, and really, truly caring about your privacy! Hope that answers your question :-)
@eugenekudashev Amazing! By using this kind of ground-breaking technology the success of this product is guaranteed! You're truly living in 2040 while we're still in 2020 🤩
i hope this helps you remember what day it is today plans for the future include: - reminders on your favourite social media platforms - (yes, even tiktok) - fancy graphics! - video reminders - a podcast about days of the week - email newsletter - a mobile app stay tuned for updates!
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WTF it's Sunday? I thought is was Thursday. No way! Are you sure it's correct? I may have found a bug.
@zyumbik Interesting. Could you please tell me what's your operating system & your browser? Also could be a local bug. We didn't test it in every country yet. Stay tuned for updates!
@eugenekudashev oh that's fine it's probably just my poor knowledge of data science.
This is definitely the next big thing we’ve all been waiting for! 🔥
@satwaya Thank you! Stay tuned for our next product: "what day was it yesterday"
You are Steve Jobs of DATA SCIENCE Brilliant!